How to Scheduling Posts in WordPress?

Scheduling post in WordPress is a WordPress core feature that is an easy way to control when your content is published. You can use built-in WordPress features to schedule the post without using plugins or customization.

Scheduling a WordPress Post

This feature is available in the Publish box section of the post editor page. To schedule a post for publication, click the edit link next to Publish Immediately. You’ll now see a drop-down option to select the month, date, and year to publish the post, even the exact hour and minute.

If you want to publish the post after a day or months, you can select the date and time and click ok.  You’ll now see the Schedule button has appeared.

Click the Schedule button and you’ll see the status of this post has changed to scheduled with details for the exact date and time it will be published on your blog.

You can change the scheduled post date and time anytime. You can edit the scheduled date and time and can fix the new one.

Hope this blog post is helpful for you to schedule the post. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please comment below in the comment section.