10 Popular and Best eCommerce Platforms for 2020

Are you about to create an eCommerce website? If yes you might be searching the best eCommerce platform for this, isn’t it? So you are in the right place. This article is exactly for you.

So what is the eCommerce platform? It’s a place or platform where you can build a beautiful online shop for your online business. Online industries are highly competitive space from where you have to start your online business.

10 Popular and Best Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers in 2020

There are some tools that will help you to research a suitable keyword for your content. In order to get good quality keywords, you must refer to such tools. So for your ease, I came with a list of 10 best keyword research tools so that you can easily conquer your content.

SEMrush, one of the most amazing keyword research tool which makes site SEO optimized. It is also called a Swiss Army Knife of SEO. With this, you will just 5-10 very specific keywords that make your content powerful and get huge traffic for your site.

Best Websites to Promote WordPress Themes For Free

Instead of making premium WordPress themes directly, it is great to provide free WordPress themes for the users so that you can get feedback from them. If you already well know with this strategy, you can promote WordPress themes for free via different websites and blogs.

For instance, you can promote your free themes by email subscriptions, social media, and blog. Besides that, there are some easy techniques to promote your products.