Optimizing your WordPress Website SEO with Keyword Rank Checker

WordPress Website SEO with Keyword Rank Checker

So, you have finally settled down on your stunning WordPress theme for your website and are done with launching your dream site onto the internet.

What do you do next? Do you publish content and wait for some lucky souls to stumble on your site?

Well, waiting for visitors can test your patience if you have not focused on your SEO.

While it is given your WordPress theme has the best SEO optimized coding, you will have to do more to actively track your site’s SEO performance and keep improving on your efforts to make your site get the reach it deserves.

WordPress offers many different WordPress SEO plugins to help you get started with your on-page and technical  SEO.

Keyword Rank Checker for WordPress

And with every effort you take for better SEO, you need a proper Google rank checker tool to measure and track your SEO rankings. Here is one amazing free keyword rank checker tool, RankChecker.io, that lets you get started with easy rank tracking for your site.

Why Do You Need To Track Your SEO Rankings?

Unless you want your website to be a private endeavor that you don’t wish anyone needs to see, you have to take SEO seriously. Because search engines are the primary ways through which people get to know your website.

For instance, let’s say you are running a food blog. When someone searches for food blogs on a search engine, if your site manages to come on the first search page results, you are bound to get a lot of visitors.

Google Search Result Page

Several states specify that almost 95% of web traffic comes from the first page of search results. The click-through rate of the first page is around 71%, whereas the number dwindles to an overall 6% for pages two and three.

As you can see, getting the highest rank on search results is the best way to increase traffic to your WordPress site. And to do so, you need to keep tracking your search engine positions.

For each relevant keyword, the search engine will assign a ranking to your site, which determines the position your site will get in the search results. The higher your position, the better it is for your website.

So, for every SEO-related effort, be it changes to your meta descriptions, sitemaps, header tags, and so on, you have to keep checking the ranking, so you know you are in the right direction.

Easy Rank Tracking With RankChecker.io

Keyword Rank Checker Features

There are multiple reasons that rankchecker.io comes off as the best free rank tracking tool currently available. The tool facilitates accurate rank tracking and has all the necessary features you need. Here are some of its advantages and features explained.

It Is Free Of Cost

For starters, rankchecker.io is a free keyword rank checker with no hidden costs. You can check domain or specific page rankings for free. Rank checker allows you to check up to 50 keywords per domain. A detailed report of your keyword positions will be shared with your registered email address.

It Is Google Specific

When it comes to search engines, Google is the obvious market leader. About 75% of all global desktop search traffic comes through Google.

Hence, it is wise to focus on Google first before diverging into all search engines available as the returns for your efforts might be below. Google uses around 200 factors to rank websites.

Google’s highly sophisticated algorithm also keeps evolving. You need an accurate rank checking tool that can work specifically for Google’s ranking algorithm and provide you with the right keyword positioning details for your website.

Rankchecker.io does this job amazingly well as it is solely catered to work with Google search engines. It is regularly updated to reflect any changes in the Google algorithm and gives you an accurate ranking for each query you make.

Location & Language Specific Results

Google search results are highly localized. It makes sense because if you want to search for a product or service, you would want something nearby. Rankchecker.io considers this and provides accurate location and language-specific ranking details.

Device-Specific Results

Besides the geographical region, the Google algorithm is also adapted to work differently for different devices. This is to ensure that mobile-friendly websites are given preference to users searching from a mobile device.

Rankchecker.io helps you see the difference in rankings between your mobile and desktop devices so you can work on bettering the responsiveness of your website.

Get Alerts On Keyword Ranking

By embedding a Rankchecker badge on your website, you can get daily updates on any changes to your competitor keywords positions. The reports will be automatically sent to your email address.

You can easily add the Rankchecker badge to your WordPress site by copying a small piece of code from your Rankchecker account and pasting it on the footer or sidebar of your site.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing how well your competition does for the same keywords can enlighten you on new ways to improve your SEO.

Rankchecker.io makes this possible with its new feature that provides competitor reports. You can check the competitor keyword rankings and get the reports delivered to your mail.

Ease Of Use

Using RankChecker takes no learning curve at all. It is a Google rank checker, and all you have to do is fill up a form with details like page or domain URL, the keyword, your email address, location preference, device preference, and click a button.

You will have to enter one keyword at a time. The report will be generated and sent to your email address.


Do check out the RankChecker.io tool and register your account to keep receiving updates and tips on how to improve your SEO further.

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