8 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic For Free

Increase Your Website Traffic

I got a message from one of my friends and she was asking, “Hey I tried a lot to increase my blog traffic but failed what should I do?” 

In the beginning days of my blogging career, I had to face a similar problem. Even though my content was good, the traffic was so few. After that, I did some research on it.

And finally found that WordPress is the best platform for blogging. Then, I switched from my old platform to WordPress and there is no looking back. 

This post is specially dedicated to those who are really looking for best and effective ways to increase website traffic.

Stay here, I will share some good ideas. All the below-listed ideas are fully worked for me. Don’t hesitate to try them out. 

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Even you are a beginner or running a website for a long time, everyone wants to have more traffic on their site. And it is also important to the actor for the continuity of your website.

Many people struggle a lot to get more traffic but they fail to succeed. So it happens? This is all because of their wrong strategy and plans.

Contents and attractive design is not enough to have more traffic on your website. You have to make proper planning. Or you can say you have to do something better to make it happen.

Now you do not have to bother anymore. Here I came with top 8 effective methods which will fix this issue. Hence you will get impressive traffic on your site.

Importance of Traffic for Website

  • It will advertise your brand
  • Increase the sustainability of your website
  • Make your profile powerful
  • Encourage you to create more powerful blogs

Methods to Increase Traffic on your Website

Here I have listed some of the best ways to increase your site traffic. Hope it is helpful for you. So let’s get started:

1. Optimize your Website Content

The first thing you have to do is to optimize your website content. Create it in a unique and elegant way so that your audience get attracted to it. For optimization you need to follow the following steps:

Keep a record of your current traffic statistic

First of all, check the current state of your website traffic. It will be your baseline to get started with. This will help to plan your strategy and you can calculate how much effort you have to make to increase your site traffic.

Increase Your Website Traffic Google Analytics

You can check it on Google Analytics for fa ew days. Here keep records of few things like unique visitors, page views, pages per visit, average time on site, bounce rate, traffic source, and exit pages. 

If you are not familiar with analytics, you can use Monster Insight plugin and it has an easy dashboard to analyze your analytics data. 

A Better Documented Content Marketing Strategy

Whenever you start your website make sure its content is documented in a better way. Most of the business site fails due to lack of a good content marketing strategy. There are few or no any website who gets success without a perfect content marketing strategy. So whenever you start your website make sure you are starting with a better and documented content marketing strategy. Here are some of the listed element which you have to include in your planning:

  • The primary goal of your content
  • Frequency of the post
  • Your audience for whom your post is
  • Make a competition-ready content
  •  Amplification of content

Compelling Blog Headlines

Headlines are first attracting an element of any contents. It has the ability to sell your content. So always try to create eye-catching headings. While developing your headings keep two things in your priority: social traffic and search traffic. For choosing the right keywords for your content heading you can refer Google Keyword Planner. Search for the topic which you are to write, you will get a possible and most searched topic. You can choose among those and refer it as your content heading. This will help you to attract more traffic on your site.

Increase Your Website Traffic Post Title

While sharing content on social media, social media users will first see the post title. Hence, it should be meaningful and attractive. If your title is attractive, the chances of getting more visitor will be high. For example, this post has the title “Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic For Free” and visitors who are looking for free tips, the chances of clicking will be high. 

Use of eye-catching photos

Photos add more attractiveness to your website, isn’t it? It is another way to attract your audience. But at the same time, if you are using unmatched or alter photos, your audience gets distracted and refer to another site. So to make your site more powerful create your content with related and attractive photographs which is eye-catching for the users.


In every one of your contents make sure it contains at least 2-3 internet links. Linking your one blog with another one will help you to increase the traffic on both of the contents. It will help your audience to navigate your blog and website. You can learn more about the Internal link on WordPress SEO Guide

2. Think as a Visitor

While creating your website think from a visitor perspective. The type of audience may affect your website. First, prepare some queries about your visitor and apply it for your site like:

  • The age group of visitor
  • A possible device used by your visitor
  • The best solution for your visitor problems
  • Speed of the internet

Keep the focus on the age group of your audience while creating your site. For example, if your website is for kids then keep more pictures on that to attract them. Similarly, if your audience is elder people than keep the large font and simple language so they can get it perfectly.

If your site does not look great on all sizes and resolution of the screen, then you may lose your visitors. Your visitors can visit your site on mobile, tab or laptop, it’s flexible. So make a responsive layout of your website.

Suppose you are writing contents of your site in several pages but your visitors are not getting it. In that case, your content is valueless. If I am a visitor, I prefer a website which provides me with a better answer and gives a solution to my problems. I will never choose the one which is several pages but worthless. So make sure that you are creating a blog to solve the problems of your audience.

The loading speed of any site plays a vital role to get traffic. Even you have powerful content with the responsive layout but its loading speed is poor then sorry to say you will lose your visitors. Make your site stable and make it has better loading speed.

3. Proper use of Social Media

Social media, one of the powerful weapon to increase your site traffic. I must say it is one of the big key points which you required for the increment of your site traffic. For the proper use of social media, here I came with some listed steps. Let’s get started:

Optimize for each Platform

There are several platforms where you can share your posts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. To optimize your blog so it can sharable to social media. For example, if you share your post on Facebook, the posts should contain attractive and clear pictures with a proper description.

Increase Your Website Traffic Facebook Share

Besides sharing and commenting on Facebook and Twitter, you can go with  Quora and Reddit. You can generate some traffic from this medium as well. 

Proper sharing schedule

Before you started to share your posts on social media, first make its proper schedule. I mean to say make a schedule like:
➢ Type of content you are going to posts
➢ Which social media you are referring
➢ Time to share posts
With a consistent and proper schedule, you can attract more traffic on your posts and website.

Never be a spammy

The word spammy refers to posting the same post again and again if it does not get an impressive response. Believe me, it is worthless. With the same post, your audience will get bored or may refuse to visit your site. Because everyone wants something new and better from the previous one.

Adding social sharing button

If you provide social sharing button direct on your posts, your audience feels easy to share your posts. When a single audience is sharing your posts on his/ her social media, you will automatically get more audience as a bonus. If adding a sharing button is that much efficient than why not to use it.

Reshare old contents

Select one of your old content and share it once again. It helps you attract an additional audience who missed those posts. It is also beneficial for those who want to read it again as it is useful for them. There are several available apps and plugins which will help you out of this like Revive Old Posts, Post Planner and many more.

4. Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the popular publishing platforms when you can share your posts. Once you post your blog here, it will be shared among the expertise. It will also help the one who is interested in that topic. Once you publish your post here, you will get a notification on the real-time which contain the title of your post. It will attract people who are in your connection. This will increase traffic on your website.

5. Guest Posts

Another best way to increase your site traffic is guest posts. You can write about the websites or blogs which has reputed ranking on the market. They can allow you to put your link on their page. It will make their visitors to visit your site once and hence you will get more traffic on your site. Another advantage of writing for the guest post is, it will also advertise for your brand. So here is a question, how to find a popular or guest post to write about? So let me introduce some of the ideas for you. Here let’s have a look:

  • You can write your details as a guest post writer and share these posts
  • Keep following to the popular websites. Who knows any of the websites may need you.
  •  Keep a habit of using twitter and search on google
  •  Check the guest website posts, you might get offered to write for them

6. Build an Email List

Last but not least, building an email list is very popular for attracting more visitor on your site. As per the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), if you spend $1 on email marketing, you can make an ROI of $44. Isn’t it awesome, so why not to use it? Email Marketing always beats other social traffic when it comes to page views. So let me explain to you some of the tips which will help you to make your email marketing more effective and without paying any cost.

  •  Whenever you tell others to join your newsletter always offers them something which attracts them.
  •  Make a habit of using “Welcome Mat” or “Full-Screen Takeover”
  •  Make sure your content is always upgraded
  •  For driving extra subscriber on your site, make use of “Expanded Guest Posts”.
  •  Run a giveaway of email-boosting

7. Mix the Content 

This is another important and useful method to increase your website traffic. Nowadays, we have a variety of readers and visitors and they have different choices. If your website content is the combination of text, video, GIF, images as well as audio too, you will grab more attention of the visitors. If your content is very long, you can transform it with short video clip or audio. It reduces the bounce rate of your website too. 

8. Maintain On-Page SEO 

For WordPress website, it is far easier to maintain On-Page SEO than other platforms. Because WordPress is best for search engine. So, if you are serious for generating more traffics, it is almost mandatory to maintain one-page SEO. 

Check our On-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress Websites and start generating more traffic for free. 


Hence this is all about the method which helps you to increase your website traffic. Creating a website having a powerful content is not enough for its sustainability. You should have impressive traffic to visit your site. Follow the above method for your website, I am sure you will get a better result.

Attracting your audience and make them visit your site is not so easy. But with some simple method, you can do it very easily. Make sure your site is created with responsive layout having a powerful content. It is the first step to attract visitors.

I hope this article is helpful to you. If you are getting any problems regarding this article, let me know about it. You can leave your queries in the given comment section. I will glad to answer those queries. You can also send your reviews, it is heartily appreciated. Keep visiting this site for more interesting articles.

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