Why WordPress is the best CMS among all other CMS?


There is always a question for every web developer What is the best CMS among all. Well WordPress CMS provides the best platform. Almost 33% of the world’s site has used WordPress as its CMS. WordPress provides the best CMS service among all others from simple to complex.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS?

WordPress has become successful to reach into the top of the table in the list of the most used site building packages in the world, followed by Joomla and Drupal. WordPress is free to download and use its CMS being provided. But most of the other CMS is not free and easy to use.

The CMS service provided by WordPress is full of variety providing a number of themes for specialized functionality, and also users can create/her own customized themes/add-ons as per the requirement of the task being performed.

Although other CMS software requires even a basic knowledge of programming or coding, WordPress doesn’t require any idea of coding or programming. Despite being a beginner one can easily use and work on the functions dispensed by WordPress.

Below Listed are a few key benefits of using WordPress as the CMS instead of other CMS for your work.

1) USER-FRIENDLY (Although you are a beginner)

A WordPress can easily be installed and set up and begin to operate or work on it despite being a beginner even though you are not a technical expert. The only things that a user need is a domain name and a hosting account.

In addition to it, one can install the WordPress via your WordPress hosting provider or can easily be uploaded quickly from WordPress.org. A user can comfortably use the functions and services being provided by WordPress.

Similarly, the features provided by WordPress are listed in the dashboard to customize other key features like the site’s heading to layout and everything.


One of the important things about this CMS is that it doesn’t require any cost to install this platform. The user has all rights and authority to enhance and make changes to the website as per the requirement.

Anyone can use this software without any obstacles or any hindrance. Despite all of this one has to pay on the occasion of extra CSS modification if required. In case of adding more powerful features (if wanted to be added), you may have to pay a minute amount to fetch it.


The world of technology is full of hunger, as WordPress contains all the elements to create a basic site, although several users want a variety of functions related to a site’s specific needs.

The catalog of the plugins of WordPress contains lots of plugins (a code written to perform a specific task), that allows the user to add hallmarks such as galleries, contact forms, and much more accordant WordPress site.

In addition to this, a user can gain lots more plugins from other sources or a third party as per required for the task you are performing. Likewise, those plugins can easily be activated and deactivated as well as uninstalled as per the demand of the task or as per the site evolves.


For creating a new site, a user always looks for making his/her site more attractive, and for that WordPress provides a variety of choices for themes for the user for calibrating the looks and features of the site being developed.

In case, if the theme sought from the user is not found in the list of the themes provided by WordPress then one can easily buy or fetch the themes demanded as per the work from another theme marketplace or the third party.

In case to check your theme is set up on the site, you can easily preview your theme and change it as per your requirement.


On top of every factor, searchability is the key factor for any website to rank high on Google or any other search engine. WordPress is up to become capable of ranking high for its keyword being used, also they are constantly and continuously being updated and for its use of numerous tools and plugins for enhancing the content for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).


Since WordPress provides unconfined property and open source, so it is supported by the WordPress societies around the globe. The love for WordPress around the globe by several communities has made it more efficient and likewise is being updated in regular intervals of time enhancing the features of WordPress frequently.

Furthermore, the love provided by the WordPress community assures enhancing and making changes in the source file. The craze and love for WordPress have increased to such an extent that they also engage in organizing the WordCamps around the globe. The support from the WordPress support is received to such an index that the local user is increasing day by day at a rapid speed.


WordPress is a safe stage where any user can work or invest in. A unique and special sort of caring is done or scheduled checking is done by the WordPress development community in the field of website development which inherently assures safe to operate and security from data transgression. The security from different sorts of cyber-crime (such as hostile attacks, hacking, viruses, etc.) is the responsibility of the particular team of WordPress working on that particular project.


In a nutshell, WordPress is a cost-free platform that is very comfortable to use assuring security. It doesn’t need any sort of technical expertise and experience. Likewise, it also provides lots of themes and plugins, and even though the user doesn’t get the desired theme and plugin, he/she can easily get it from the third-party site.

The circle of the user of the WordPress family is increasing at a rapid speed such that it has become a craze for every developer to learn more and more about this CMS. Every year several new plans are implemented for making this particular CMS more and more familiar with the world. More importantly, it also provides a built-in-blog facility to the user making it more convenient.