How to Reduce WordPress Page Load Time and make website fast?

Reduce WordPress Page Load Time

WordPress, one of the popular platforms for developing websites is very easy to use. Today most websites are created on WordPress. Its features are outstanding and impressive. As we know that no one wants to wait whether it is for a bus, post office, or on a website. So our system must be operated at a fast speed.

While talking about the loading time for the website, it should take less time. Buffering or more loading time may spoil the mood of the user. And if it happens, you may lose your audience and hence get a low rank on the search engine. You can simply say that, for the popularity and sustainability of any website, it should take less loading time.

You might be thinking why I am that much about the loading speed of a website, delay for a few seconds does not cause any problem. But it is not like that. Whether it is a delay for 2 seconds or 3 seconds, it may affect more.

Page loading speed affects everything from traffic to bounce rate to conversion, user satisfaction, and, ultimately profits. So you should be concerned about it. Before talking about the methods to reduce the page loading speed, let me tell you about their importance. So here we go:

  • It will determine your SEO ranking
  • With a fast loading speed, you can improve your sales and satisfy your user
  • Decrease your audience bounce rate
  • Fast loading speed leads to popularity in your brand.

Methods to Reduce WordPress Page Load Time

Find the condition of your site speed

The first thing you have to do is to determine the current speed of your site. It is important so that you can improve it if it is in poor condition. You can check its speed with some available tools which will provide you overall analysis of your site. Some of the tools are listed below:


Astra Vs OceanWP Comparison

It will give you a proper report of your site speed from multiple locations. It will give you information about the total items and files of your site with their loading time. So it is an important tool for the determination of your site speed.

PageSpeed Insight

Reduce WordPress Page Load time

This tool will find out the technical characteristics of your site and provides you with a better and optimized solution. It will rate your website from 0-100 and show its ranking on Google. Besides this, it will also help you to know whether your site is optimized for mobile devices or not.

WebPage Test

It is one of the advanced tools to test the loading speed. Mostly it is used by professionals. It will analyze your site speed by testing it on several browsers.

Use optimize Images

For any type of website, an image is a part of the attraction. It has the power to increase your website traffic and make them stay for a long time. But on the other side, you should take care of its speed. Loading several pictures and graphics may slow down your site. But not to worry anymore, as there are several remedies to overcome such problems. There are several formats for images like JPG, PNG, SVG, and many more.

You can either manually optimize the images or you can use the plugin for it. Tiny PNG or Tiny JPG is the website from which you can compress your image without degrading its quality of it. Images need to be compressed and make them lower in size so that your website will be fast. 

Reduce WordPress Page Load time

Instead of doing manually, you can use a WordPress plugin to compress the image. You don’t need to do the above steps of compression. It saves time. Smush Image Compression plugin is a highly recommended plugin for it. But if you can manage time, I personally recommend you compress manually because adding more plugins on your website is bad for speed. 


It is the best format option for photos. It offers you more than 16 million colors to display. This is a better option as it brings the smallest file size. No transparent background is possible here.


This format offers you a lossless compression. As the transparent background is possible here, you can easily use logos and sharp-edge text graphics. It is less suitable than JPG.


It is useful for vector graphics. It is suitable for small logos and icons. The best part is, it can be compressed to any size and resolution. So it will save more storage.

Choose a better WordPress Host

Best WordPress Hosting Services Providers

Choosing a proper host plays an important role in increasing the loading speed of your site. You may get several impressive offers for a hosting plan. But never trapped on that offer which is cheap but it may slow down your site. So think twice while choosing your hosting plan and find the best option for you.

To get the right option, the first thing you have to do is to avoid shared hosting. It will solve your 50 % risk problem by removing your bad neighbor. While thinking about it, VPS is the best option for you. It will keep a balanced speed for your site.

Besides this, you can go through several growing offers of managed WordPress hosting. It will make sure your site runs on a server that is optimized for WordPress. It will reduce all your technical problems, as it will take care of them.

As per cost and performance, Site Ground is the best WordPress hosting. It has good support, 99% uptime, affordable cost, and much more. 

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Minimize HTTP Request

Another factor that affects the loading time of your website is its HTTP request. The more HTTP request you send to the server, the slower your site will run and vice versa. If you want your website to load faster, you should make sure you are making fewer HTTP requests. You can minimize it by optimizing the use of images, charts, Gravatars, Emojis, comments, embeds, scripts, and style.

Manage WordPress Updates 

Reduce WordPress Page Load time

For a WordPress website, you need to manage three things for the updates. WordPress core, themes, and plugins. There are numbers of reasons to update them. It is for security, features, and many more. Thus, whenever you get the notification for the updates, you need to do that. Personally, I recommend you to backup your website first before updating it.  

Keep clean Database

The database is another reason for maintaining your site loading. Your website kept all types of data in the database whether it is useful or not. So you have to verify the data and kept the user data only. Older posts that are not required anymore should be deleted which will boost your site and give an impressive speed. It also gives you a clean database with a minimum storage size. To do so you can install the WP-Optimize plugin or can do it manually.

Delete Unused Plugins

Reduce WordPress Page Load time

First, from the admin dashboard, go to the plugins section. Check all the installed plugins and remove them if they are not activated. You can also check unused plugins and remove them if they are not necessary. Likewise, you can also do the same for the themes. 

Turn Off Pingbacks and Trackbacks

By default, your WordPress website has pingbacks and trackbacks. Whenever another site mentions your article, you will get notified about it. But unfortunately, it will use more storage and hence slow down the loading speed of your site. So you have to turn off pingbacks and trackback so that you can make the impressive speed of your site. You can do it with some easy step which is listed below:

  • Go to WP Admin Page
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on Discussion
  • Turn off the Pingbacks

Reduce WordPress Page Load time

You can also change your site e-mail notification which will increase your site speed a little bit more.

Use Lazy Loading for images

Another best and easy step to reduce the website page load time is by enabling lazy loading for images. This process will prioritize the visible image to load. Only the required image will load to the users. While users visit a page, only the image of the visible part will load first, and while scrolling, the remaining images will be loaded. 

Like the other method, you can use the plugin for it. 

Use the Fastest WordPress Themes

Themes also play a vital role in the website page speed. No matter whether you will use Free WordPress themes or premium. While selecting themes, you need to choose one of the best Fastest WordPress themes

Enable Caching

Last but not least, caching is another important factor for improving your site speed. There are several temporary files that are stored on your computer. It will increase your site speed once it is visited. You can use some cache plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache.

Reduce WordPress Page Load time

These all are awesome. Once you install it, you will get an amazing result. Your site will run at a faster speed and you get better performance.


Hence this is all about the overall information about the methods which will increase your site speed. I am sure it will be very helpful for you and you can increase the loading speed of your site. Believe me, if you are following the above method, you will get an impressive result. As you know that loading speed is very important to get more traffic on your site and to get a high rank on the search engine.

If you are getting any problems regarding this article, you can leave your queries in the given comment box. I make sure you will get your answer as soon as possible. Keep visiting this website for more interesting and useful articles.