WooCommerce Product Tabs Review: Add Custom Tabs to WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce Product Tabs Review Create Custom Tabs for WooCommerce Products

Do you want to add more information about your WooCommerce products with additional tabs? Then, WooCommerce Product Tabs might be the right option for you. So in this article, we are going to talk fully about WooCommerce Product Tabs.

If you have an eCommerce website with WordPress WooCommerce, then you’ll get some pretty powerful and out-of-the-box features. However, the tabs to add information about the products are limited to only 3 – description, reviews, and additional information.

Depending on the products, you’ll need to add more tabs to provide more details about your products so that users understand your product well. That’s where the WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin becomes useful. It lets you add multiple tabs for the products you’re displaying with additional features.

In this review, you’ll learn what WooCommerce Product Tabs is and how it works. In addition, we’ll walk you through installing the plugin and adding more information about a product.

So, let’s start with the introduction of WooCommerce Product Tabs.

A. What are WooCommerce Product Tabs? – The Overview

WooCommerce Product Tabs is a lightweight but powerful WordPress WooCommerce plugin by WP Concern for adding new tabs for WooCommerce products. It extends the default tabs of WooCommerce and lets you create multiple tabs for each individual WooCommerce Product.

WooCommerce Product Tabs for creating custom tabs for products in WordPress
WooCommerce Product Tabs Home Page

A great thing about the WooCommerce Product Tabs is that it’s a freemium plugin that offers both free and premium versions.

The free version is pretty basic, but lets you add unlimited information tabs to all your products. And with the premium version, you get more options like specified tabs for particular categories and products. You can get the suitable one for your own linking.

Also, there are other plugins for adding product tabs as well. But, why choose WooCommerce Product Tabs?

What we loved about WooCommerce Product Tabs is its availability of features. Creating the product tabs is easy with a user-friendly dashboard. Also, it lets you create custom tabs for individual products and add custom descriptions with shortcodes, graphics, embedded codes, etc. Also, there is the drag-and-drop tool to order the tabs as you like.

That brings us to the features of WooCommerce Product Tabs.

B. WooCommerce Product Tabs Review – The Features

WooCommerce Product Tabs Features
Features of WooCommerce Product Tabs

Now, let’s see the features of WooCommerce Product Tabs.

1. Create Unlimited Custom Tabs

As a store owner, you would want to provide all the possible information to your potential customers. Thus, you’ll need many product tabs depending on the product you’re selling and the information you’re displaying.

While some plugins limit the number of tabs that you can add, not with WooCommerce Product tabs. The WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin lets you create unlimited tabs for your product detail page. In fact, the free version also allows you to do that.

2. Create Common Tabs

Also, you might need to create common tabs for all your products with similar details and descriptions. WooCommerce Product Tabs is useful for that too.

Just create a new tab from its interface, and it will appear for all the products. It will be the default common tab unless you create the tab for a specific category or product.

3. Assign Custom Tabs for Categories and Products

Also, this plugin has the premium feature to create unique tabs for different products.

You can just create a tab and assign it to a specific category or product. You can assign it to certain multiple categories or tags as well.

4. Drag and Drop Reorder tabs

WooCommerce Product Tabs also allows you to customize how the tabs appear on the product details page.

Actually, you can drag the tabs and drop them in any order you want. Not only on custom tabs, but this enables the users to arrange the position of default WordPress tabs as well.

5. Default Tabs customization

In addition, this plugin gives you the ability to customize different aspects of the default product tabs as well.

Firstly, you can change the name of the tab as you like. With that, you can mix up and play around with how the tab appears. For example, you can change the default tab’s name ‘Reviews’ to something like – What Users Say.

Or, if you want to completely remove the default tabs, then it’s possible too. You can just hide any of the default tabs with just a button’s click.

6. Change the Tab’s Appearance

With WooCommerce Custom Tabs, you can change how it appears on the users’ browsers.

You can either make them appear on a list. Or even better, you can change them to accordion tabs to make them more engaging and visually attractive.

It even lets you enter the screen size to show the Accordion style product tabs.

7. Display in search results by custom tabs title or description

WooCommerce stores have a search feature that lets customers search for items with keywords. And by default, the search only displays the result with the product title or default tabs’ description.

Now, this plugin offers a setting that enables search to display the products that match the custom tab title and content.

8. Adding Icon to All Tabs

Also, it allows you to add tab icons, which will be displayed on the product display pages.

It lets add icons to not only the custom tabs but to the default tabs too. There’s a large library of icons to choose from for each tab.

C. Getting Started with WooCommerce Product Tabs – A brief Walk-Through

Now that you know what WooCommerce Product Tabs are and how it’s useful to WooCommerce websites, let’s see how to install and use them.

We’ll create some custom tabs, assign the tabs to the products, and see a live demo.

So, let’s start.

D. Installing WooCommerce Product Tabs

WooCommerce Product Tabs offer both free and premium versions.

You can make use of the free version if you just want to add custom tabs for all your products. In addition, if you want more features like unique product tabs, tabs arrangement, customization, and more, then you can go for the premium version.

First, let’s see installing the free plugin. It’s easy as installing any other WordPress plugin – just find the plugin from the dashboard and install it automatically.

We assume that you already have the plugin WooCommerce installed and set up first. If you’re just going to use it for testing purposes, then make sure to install WooCommerce first and add some products.

So, to install WooCommerce Product Tabs, go to Plugins > Add New on your admin dashboard. And then, you should search the plugin with its name.

Then, install the plugin by WP Concern. Just click on the install button to install it.

Install WooCommerce Product Tabs Free Version from WordPress Dashboard
Install Free WooCommerce Product Tabs

After installing it, don’t forget to activate it as well.

Installing WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro

Now, let’s see installing the premium version of the plugin for achieving more.

At first, go to WP Concern’s Plugin page and find WooCommerce Product Tabs.

WP Concern Official Site Plugin Page
WP Concern Plugin Page

After that, click on the plugin, which will take you to its details page. You can check the more information and reviews too on that page.

Now, scroll down a bit below where you’ll see the Buy Pro button. So, click on it.

WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro Purchase
Buy WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro

After that, a checkout screen will pop up where you’ll have to choose a plan (annual or lifetime), type in personal info, enter the payment details, and check out.

WooCommerce Product Tabs Select plans
Select Plan, Enter Details and Payment Details

After some time, you’ll receive a mail on the email address you provide there. It consists of your login details, tutorials, the download link of the pro plugin, and the license key. You’ll need them next.

Email Received After Purchasing WooCommerce Product Tabs
Email Containing WooCommerce Product Tabs Download Link and License Key

Now, download the plugin from the link on your local device so that you can upload it to your website.

After you have downloaded, go to your website dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, and then click on Upload.

Then, browse the plugin from the downloaded storage location and upload it to your website. Then, click on the Install Now button.

Upload WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin
Upload WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro Plugin

The installation might take a few seconds to complete. After it’s done, click on Activate to activate the plugin.

Activate WordPress Plugin WooCommerce Product Tabs with License Key
Activate the Plugin

We have a complete guide on installing a WordPress Plugin if you want to know in detail.

E. Activating WooCommerce Product Tabs License

After activating, it will take you directly to the WooCommerce Product Tabs settings page where you’ll have to enter the license activation key.

Remember the activation key in the mail? Now, copy that and paste it here. After doing so, click on Agree and Activate License.

Activate WordPress Plugin with WooCommerce Product Tabs
Enter License Key to activate the Pro version

That’s all for activating the license.

F. Creating Custom WooCommerce Tabs

Now, let’s move ahead to create a tab with WooCommerce Product Tabs. There are 2 ways to do so. Let’s see them both.

Method 1 – From WooCommerce Product Tabs Menu

After successful installation, you’ll have a new menu for WooCommerce Product Tabs on the admin dashboard.

From there, go to WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro > Product Tabs.

Add New Tab from WooCommerce Product Tabs
Go To WooCommerce Product Tabs > Product Tabs

On the next page, click on Add New. With that, you’ll reach the interface to create tabs.

Create Custom Tab on WooCommerce Product Tabs by clicking on Add New
Click On Add New to Create a New Custom Tab

On the next page, you can add the following things.

  1. Title – Enter the name of the tab.
  2. Description – Enter the content to be displayed on the tab. You can use different types of content like text, images, shortcode, links, HTML embeds, etc.
  3. Icon – Choose the tab icon from a list of hundreds of icons.
  4. Select Default Content – Tick the checkbox if you want to have the same content on the tab for your entire product. If you uncheck this, you get to edit the description for each product individually.
  5. Enter Product tags – If you have defined tags for your products, then you can display the tab only for certain tags too. Here, you just have to enter the tag name for which you want to display the tab.
  6. Assign the Tab to Categories – Here, you get to choose the categories for which you want to display the tag.
  7. Assign the Tab to Products – Similarly, it lets you choose the products to display in the tab.

After you complete creating the tab, click on the Publish button.

WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin Interace
Interface to Create the Custom Tabs

These options let you customize the product tabs according to your will.

Now, let’s say we want to add a tab for the category ‘Tshirts’. Here’s an example below.

Creating a Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs
Creating a Custom Tab on Category ‘Tshirts’

After you have done them all, don’t forget to click on Publish button to save the tab.

Now, here’s how it appears on the product display page.

Custom Tab Appearing on Product Display Page
Custom Tab added on category ‘Tshirt’

Method 2 – From Product Add/Edit Option

Now, let’s see another option for adding a custom tab – with the product add/edit option. However, this method would only be good for adding a tab for only one product at a time.

Anyway, installing the WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin also adds a new option to add tabs on the product adding/editing page.

So, go to Products > All Products, and then add or edit any product from there.

Add Or Edit Product in WooCommerce
Add Or Edit Product in WooCommerce

On the interface to add products, scroll down below to the Product data section. From there, click on Product Tabs.

Add New Custom Tab from Product Edit Page on WordPress WooCommerce
Adding New Tab from Product Page

Now, from there, add the tab’s title and description. After that, you can update the page.

Enter Title And Description on new WooCommerce Product Tabs
Enter Title and Description

Here, we added a tab to the product Pennant. Let’s see how it looks on the product display page.

Custom Prdouct Tab on WooCommerce Product
Custom Tab Demo on WooCommerce Product

G. WooCommerce Product Tabs Settings

WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro has lots of settings for customizing custom as well as the default tabs.

To access the setting page, go to WooCommerce Product Tabs > Settings.

You have the following options there.

i. Renaming Default Tabs

If you want to rename the default tabs, then you can use the option in this option.

Renaming Default Tabs Using WooCommerce Product Tabs
Renaming Default Tabs

ii. Hide Default Tabs

Next, you get to hide the default tabs if you want. Just check the box for the tab you want to hide.

Hide Default WooCommerce Tabs by checking the Box
Check the Box to Hide the default WooCommmerce Tabs

iii. Search Products by Tabs

Under the Tab Options, it has the option to make the product search appear for the keywords in custom tabs. You just have to tick the checkbox.

Search WooCommerce Product by Tab Content
Check the Box to Enable Search with Content on Custom Tabs

iv. Enable Accordion Tabs

Now, you can enable the tabs to appear as accordions. Just tick the checkbox next to it.

After ticking the option, you can also enter the screen size for the accordion to appear.

Enable Accordion Tabs for WooCommerce Product Using WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin
Enable Accordion Style Tabs and Enter Screen Size

v. Select Default Icons

Next, you can add the icon for the default tabs. It has lots of options to choose from.

Select Icon for Default WooCommerce Products
Select Icons for Default Tabs

After you’ve done customizing the settings, click on the Save Changes button below.

vi. Reorder Tabs

On the Reorder option inside Settings, it has the option to arrange the tabs, including the default tabs, in the order you want.

Reorder WooCommrece Tabs by drag and drop with WooCommerce Product Tabs
Drag and Drop to Reorder the Tabs

H. WooCommerce Product Tabs Pros and Cons

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of using WooCommerce Product Tabs.


  • Free version available
  • Cheap pricing
  • Allows creating unlimited tabs
  • Options to control the default tabs
  • Allows adding unique tab icons


  • The best features are reserved for the premium version. However, the premium version is very cost-friendly.

I. WooCommerce Product Tabs Pricing

We have already discussed that WooCommerce Product Tabs provides a free plan for getting started.

On the other hand, it offers a premium plan with yearly and lifetime access priced at $15 and $45 respectively.


That’s all. It’s the end of the post on the WooCommerce Product Tabs review.

With WooCommerce Product Tabs on your WordPress eCommerce website, you can add unlimited tabs and customize them as you want. With that, you can provide additional information about your products to your customers. Along with that, it makes the tabs look attractive with icons, accordions, etc.

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