10 Useful tricks to increase in sales of WordPress Themes

increase in sales of WordPress Themes

I think two things in life never can be enough exploring new places and money. When it comes to money sometimes $100 is enough and sometimes $10000 can not fulfill our desire. But to get enough money to have a quality life we need to struggle enough similarly when we build a theme we need to deal with different problems to make it popular and increase sales of WordPress themes.

Today in this content, we are going to deal with the idea to make good sales of the WordPress theme. Simply going to know the reason why the WordPress theme doesn’t make enough sales.

Not taking enough time let’s get started

The reason, why WordPress Theme doesn’t, make enough sales

1. Submit to WordPress.org

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

When We are working on the free theme and the work to build the free theme is completed we need to submit the theme to WP.org.

The reason behind submitting our free theme to WordPress.org is that the ” freemium” pricing model is most used in WP space because it proves its efficiency with 100s of small websites. We can offer our free theme with limited features and options and are all-inclusive with the premium version.

The theme user will definitely love the idea and with an upgrade to the pro version of the like our free one.

The WordPress Website is an open-source platform where we can display our theme to 1000s of customers, which will definitely make us popular and build more credibility.

When a theme is uploaded to the official WP site the builder gets a chance to display the theme quality and also improve the quality as we are in the crowd.

The very first step in the business market for a theme is to be submitted to WP.org. This will increase sales of WordPress themes.

2. Know Your Potential Customer

customer sales of WordPress themes

A business without a customer is like a human without a stomach. Can you imagine??? I can’t. Similarly, the customer is the main reason to start a business. The day you will know your valuable customers will be the day of your victory.

Taking technically, when we write a blog post we only write it for your readers as I am writing for you. I am trying my best to know what is my readers concerned about. Like the language and the topic and answer all your questions.

When creating a theme we must know the market demand and also change or modify it according to changes in the demand. We must think about what is our Customer’s concern what can we do to increase their interest in us and soon. One right decision can increase in sales of WordPress themes and one wrong can vanish you.

There are 1000 questions but the main question that we forget is the market strategy. The right answer is the key to success.

when you are not able to satisfy your customer your WordPress Theme doesn’t make enough sales. Think twice, Think smart, modify according to demand and Go On.

3. Try to submit to ThemeForest

Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

After wordpress.org theme forest is the largest market. Many think that only submitting to wordpress.org is enough which is a bit far from the truth.

Though there are a large number of themes and plugins rippling in this market creating huge competition, still we must try our luck. In this era advanced and unique products are highly desired. So we must try to create a unique product as possible.

There is a fair chance of getting lucky and coming in rank. That same huge density of customers aids this purpose. We have seen many good themes get rejected in ThemeForest as they cannot give any uniqueness. So first our product outstands the market population.

So we must include our themes in ThemeForest to reach the maximum users and try to get better sales. Moreover, we should seek new innovations to increase sales of WordPress themes.

4. Use Alternative Market Places

Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

Other than wordpress.org and ThemeForest there are many other marketplaces to sell our designed themes and plugins. There are other markets places having tens of thousands and millions of users. Some of the examples are the Creative market, ink themes, Mojo marketplace, and Codester. This idea surely assists us to make a rise in the sales of WordPress themes.

Several market places have potential local followers that might help in brand expansion. They might be interested in our products. But if we don’t put out products on such sites, there arises a possibility to miss those customers.

This market does not give the major part of sales though add up to the sales statistics. Furthermore, we can get better earnings from those markets. Hence as WordPress developers, we need ta have good knowledge about marketplaces.

5. Include Demo of Themes – Try making multiple demos

DEmo sales of WordPress themes

No one knows about our themes by just seeing them on a list. And the demo is the best way to introduce and present it. The world is very fast. Many users don’t bother to check our themes if it is not well-presented. And if customers are satisfied, an increase in sales of WordPress themes can be seen.

Maybe we have included a little description of our product though users seek evidence to be convinced and what better idea than a demo. Everyone wants the best of the products that they are willing to pay for. This is also a great idea to lure more users as well as spread the brand.

We can create demos manually or it has been easy nowadays by using WordPress plugins. WordPress Plugins assist to make both backend and frontend demos. Some plugins are Motopress Demo builder, Ninja builder, Wp demo builder, etc.

6. Optimization of landing page

landing page sales of WordPress themes

Whenever a user visits our website, the first page generally known as the home page is the landing page. As a popular phrase says,” the first impression is the last impression”. The first factor that attracts the user is a good landing page. So optimization of a landing page is an important factor to increase the sales of WordPress themes.

The landing page must include the maximum possible elements that are required to make the customer spend more and more time on our page. But it must not be clumsy that bore the visitors.

Moreover, we must not compel visitors to buy our products rather we should inspire or pursue them to use our products. We can offer them free trials or tempting demos so that they get interested in our products.

Or we can ask for users’ details that can be used for future purposes like marketing or advertisement purposes. Also, we can add short and sweet descriptions and benefits to our products. Moreover, we can attach some social proof.

Hence a well-maintained landing also plays a crucial role increase in sales of WordPress themes.

7. Use Guest blogging

Guest blogging sales of WordPress themes

It is almost impossible to increase the sale of the WordPress theme on our own. We must require advertisements and recommendations or say referrals.

We should ask other bloggers to endorse our theme in their blogs. Our theme’s benefits and features should be highlighted in others’ blogs too. In this way, visitors following other bloggers will get to know about our product.

It takes a lot of hard work to perform this task. We need to find ways to reach and trade with potential bloggers. We should give our full effort to spread our theme name on possible big names of blogging. WP Entire also offers guest post submission.

8. Improve social media and blogging

Social media sales of WordPress themes

Social media is the best way to spread word in the present world. So we must promote our products on every social media platform available like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

We must share our blogs and themes on these platforms. We have to share every unique feature of our product. so that the world can know why they should go for our product.

But we must understand the fact it requires a lot of hard work to do so. As the money-making process is long so we must try to increase user traffic with the help of blogs. As informative blogs grab the attention of the user and compel them to spend time.

If we want to increase sales of WordPress themes then we must try to share every development of our products on social media. In the end, if we are able to meet the needs of users then we will surely have a jumpstart to our product sales.

9. Give regular offers

offer sales of WordPress themes

While selling our products, we must try to approach better business ideas. like special discounts, combo offers, etc. After getting a decent following, We can give special discounts on our products. It makes the user comfortable spending on our products.

We also can combine different products and sell them as a package with a discount. On special occasions, we can provide gift hampers for each sale. These are the strategies taken to increase user traffic.

10. Improve theme

improve theme sales of WordPress themes

There is always a space to improve everything. Likewise, for themes, we must keep improving our products if we don’t want to be replaced in the market.

As time changes the requirements also change and we must be ready to cope with that. We can add new features to our theme that will help to prevent users from getting bored. This will lead to an increase in sales of WordPress themes.


The summary of all the above is that we need to deliver a unique and good product to increase sales of WordPress themes. Furthermore, promotions and recommendations give great help for this purpose.

Here social media and market places are the most important factor while every other factor is important. I hope you got what you came for. Please keep visiting for similar posts. You are free for questioning we will try to answer as soon as we get more such interesting content like ” Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins”, “ Best Elementor Addons“, and many more.