Best Marketplaces to Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins in 2022

Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins in best marketplaces

To make your developed theme or plugin a success, we need to have a good sale of our product. What may be the better proof of the triumph of our designed theme or plugin than better sales statistics along with positive impact and name? If we are a developer then we always try to get good deals for our products. For this purpose, there always required some best market places to sell WordPress themes and plugins.

Generally, it is difficult to deal with the market or spread your product. It takes a lot of hard, a good experience, and a great network to sell such products. We may be able to expand our website but only to the tiny mass of the audience resulting in bad sales.

If we create any theme or plugin and cannot sell it, such a situation is disastrous. And we may have to get global to reach valuable customers. No matter what criteria we choose, Every factor is related directly proportional to the expansion of customers.

There are several technical factors that are to be considered to start such a marketplace like User registrations, user dashboards and functionality, payments, delivery, notifications, and more. This can be a complex and tedious job.

In this age of the internet, there are many online platforms that make these tedious tasks easy. They have developed several market places where we can sell our premium products and expand our brand.

They do all the tasks of promotion and advertisements. We just have to put our product on that platform and rest they will build the network for further process. In this article, we are going to discuss the same topic of marketplace places to sell WordPress themes and plugins. let us begin with the list,

Best Market Place to Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

With the assistance of these marketplaces, more buyers can reach and buy your products. Here we are going to discuss 9 such market paces. Please go through the brief very carefully to get better knowledge.


Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

The largest market on the web to distribute themes is ThemeForest. It is managed by Evanto, one of the leading distributors of digital products.

Currently, ThemeForest possesses more than 48 thousand themes and website templates bringing the largest pile of creatives together. The largest marketplace is one of the best marketplaces to sell WordPress themes and plugins.

Just making a product doesn’t guarantee earnings. Nowadays standards have been so increased that you need to deliver a high-quality product to be included in the list. so we need to work really hard and smart way to create a unique theme.

Theme forest recommends some of the best themes on a weekly basis. They rank the best themes and make a list and publish at the top of the website so the user can find them easily. If we got lucky enough to be on that list, the sale will be at the top level.

Furthermore, it categorized the themes on the basis of their functionality. For example marketing, blogging, eCommerce, CMS, etc. And the more interesting part ThemeForest publishes the designer of the week promoting the designers.

Talking about the earnings, Themeforest gives 62.5% of each sale. This increases as sales increase. If we cross $75000 lines by sales, our earnings exclusively reach 87.5% on each sale. So the summary is ThemeForest is a good option for marketplaces to sell WordPress themes and plugins.

Template Sell

Template Sell is the online marketplace to sell WordPress themes, plugins, and templates. We can get products from creators around the world. It is also a good platform for both buyers and sellers.

To make users easy it has categorized themes under free, premium, featured, etc themes. Template Sell boosts the themes in the featured themes section. They put new and unique themes to provide an easy way to those themes.

While free and premium products can be found in their respective sections. Niche-based multipurpose items are available here. We have the advantage to resell and redistribute the items and updates and regular support.

It focuses on simple and lightweight themes and also provides support and regular updates. Once you buy a product, We need not pay for the support and updates.

TemplateSell provides you 80% commission on each sale. Furthermore, payments are also very easy, they handle the customer support system in the absence of the vendor.

It provides professional reviews of the products making your product exclusive or says tag a brand value to your product. We can also choose this platform considering the huge traffic and sale statistic.


Another candidate to be on the list of the best marketplace to sell WordPress themes and plugins must be CodeCanyon. Likewise, ThemeForest CodeCanyon is also managed by Evanto. So It is a big name in the market.

If we are in search of a platform to sell your WordPress products then CodeCanyon is one of the best options. With this platform, you can directly sell and earn money. There is no hassle like you have to pass in

We can really get help with the reviews left by other users and professionals along with the fantastic support system. Not to miss the free tutorials to help the buyers.

The quality team of CodeCanyon hand-picks the best plugins weekly and publishes them in the featured section. Our products really get boosted in this section.

It provides an easy path to reach a large audience which is probably the hardest task while selling products online. The commission that you get presales is as same as ThemeForest.


TemplateMonster is among the oldest and growing platforms and is recommended by many. It is providing service since 2002.

Not only the WordPress products but this is the platform for other non-WordPress products too. And it can be taken as a good opportunity to expand our products. Moreover, the facilities or features for buyers like safe payments, money back schemes, etc entrust more users.

Most of the products are responsive and 100% customizable which lures more and more users. Special features of this marketplace are a User-friendly navigation style, advanced search option, smart filters, etc making it a unique option for the purpose.

For starters, it offers 70% per sale for the first three months which later drops to 50%. But after the total sales of $100,000, the earnings again hike up to 70%. These offers are exclusive authors. While non-exclusive authors get only 40%.

Mojo Marketplace

The collaboration of Mojo themes and the Mojo code marketplace forms the Mojo Marketplace a few years back. It hosts thousands of themes and plugins providing a wide range of products.

Mojo Marketplace is integrated with many hosting providers such as HostGator, and Bluehost. So our products will be found directly when new users use those hosting providers. So there is a good chance of expansion of our products.

The clear and amazing presentation of the products on the website adds pros to this site. Users can get clear ideas of what they are going to buy with professional reviews.

An interesting feature of this site is WP live videos and support. This serves to support and help the customers. Their support team is ready 27*7 for help in times of issues.

It offers 50%-70% to the exclusive authors while 50% to the non-exclusive authors

Wrapping it by saying that Mojo has been able to entrust a huge mass of customers which makes it an obvious option for the best marketplace to sell WordPress themes and plugins.

Theme Snap

Theme snap is the marketplace to sell WordPress themes and plugins as well as Drupal themes.

This marketplace has well-maintained categorization of the products. Users feel easy to find the item they are looking for. Though it is not as famous as other marketplaces, it serves very well.

It categorized all the themes and other items specifically on the functionality. So the user doesn’t have to work much to find the product. Just they have to search in the section they are looking for. For example, if they require a tourism or hotel item, they just have to open that section.

Theme snap doesn’t differ between exclusive and non-exclusive authors as both can get 50%-70% per sale.

Creative Market

Among the best marketplace to sell WordPress themes and plugins, Creative Market is one. It outstands the list as we do not have reviews of products.

Creative Market hosts many top designs from several creators. It also offers top hand-picked products weekly similar to other marketplaces. Other than themes and plugins, this is the platform graphics and photo content.

They have also provided tutorials to help customers along with informative blogs. And their time to time discount offers to stick to loyal customers and make new ones.

A good filter setting provided saves energy for the users. It also provides the option of affiliate marketing. We can get a commission on every new sale through our sharing and promotion.

This website provides 70% on each sale. Along with WordPress products, we can also sell graphics, fonts, photos, and other creative products adding extra earnings. Moreover, We can make a package of themes and other items to attract more customers.


Codester is also a good platform to sell WordPress themes and plugins. It also hosts app code and script code.

There are thousands of loyal customers ensuring the success of good products. It also offers affiliate marketing opportunities and provides 10% on each referral sale.

With themes and plugins, Codester also enlists graphics, scripts, etc for sale. It focuses mainly on plugins over other products. So this can be a great place to sell our themes.

Furthermore, reviews and suggestions boost products. As we know Professional reviews emphasized the quality of the items.

Codester has a simple payment process. And without the sales and exclusivity restriction, it provides 70% on each sale. So this website is best for new developers. As no restrictions increase the confidence level as we can get a good amount in the lesser sale too.

Since we are developing themes and plugins for WordPress, we must expand our product there. is actually not for premium products. You can submit your themes and plugins for free and it’s all about giving for free. 

It has a separate system for both themes and plugins. They manage the products very neatly and carefully and boost them at a very high level.

We actually don’t directly sell your product. WordPress only manages free versions of products. We can get reviews and get them published until they are free. We can get a huge expansion and distribution of our products from this site.

But the major tactics that every designer follow is first they publish free versions with limited features and later ask them for premium update with extended features. This is a smart way to monetize our work with WordPress excepting its conditions of it.


Be ready to hop into the marketplace to monetize your work. I hope you got enough knowledge about the marketplaces to sell WordPress themes and plugins.

If you want to start earning more directly from the premium products, being an exclusive author is a good choice. You just cross the threshold and start to earn.

But if you want to expand your name rapidly rather than earn. You have an option to be a non-exclusive author. But for this the task of website management and payments increases.

Another tactic for quick download is freemium products in the WordPress product system. i.e. first provide a free version and later provide a premium update. This is the best idea for brand expansion.

I hope you got what you came for. Please keep visiting for similar topics. If you have any queries feel free to ask on your own page.