8 Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugins for 2022(Explained)

Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugins

Do you want to start your WordPress website? Are you searching for the best WordPress WooCommerce plugins to enhance your online store? If yes, then you are on the right track.

Today, millions of eCommerce websites are powered by WooCommerce Plugins. Such plugins offer several elegant features that are useful for building an online store on any self-hosted WordPress website. Now, you are allowed to create a unique and customized online store within a few minutes.

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With WooCommerce, you can design your content in a beautiful way. Also, you can showcase your product differently which grabs the attention of your visitors.

So today in this article, we came up with a list of the best WooCommerce plugins that help you to develop an amazing e-store. If you integrate any of these listed plugins into your site, you will get the best experience on your eStore.

Go through the list one by one, by the end of the article, you will get an idea about them. Check their features and choose your websites based on your need.

Let’s get started.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

If you want to showcase your products in an elegant way, then WooCommerce Product Review Pro is the best option for you. It is an extremely powerful selling tool underutilized by online stores. The plugin allows you to charge your product reviews to add Amazon-style reviews and filtering. Also, you can add more review capabilities and can get additional discussion options.

With WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro, you can accept product reviews in the way you want. It allows you to accept photos and videos provided by any user as a review.


  • Allows you to prompt customers by creating review qualifiers 
  • Customers are free to attach photos and videos to reviews
  • Restriction for duplicated reviews
  • Provides login buttons on review from WooCommerce Social Login
  • Upvoting and Downvoting systems to get helpful reviews

Get WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

Product Add-Ons

Product Add-Ons is an amazing WooCommerce add-on that helps get huge traffic by customizing your products. With this, you can provide special options to your customers in a snap. When your users are shopping on your online store, the plugin allows them to personalize their products. It means users need not follow up on any email requests. They can directly get whatever they want.

With Product Add-Ons, you can add several options to your site via text boxes, dropdowns, text areas, checkboxes, custom price inputs, and even sample images.


  • Users are allowed to make image-based selections before they purchase any items
  • Provides one-time set-up charge
  • Customers are allowed to enter custom text to create a custom t-shirt
  • Easier and satisfying customization options
  • Options for WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Bookings

Get WooCommerce Product Addons

Booster for WooCommerce

Likewise, Booster for WooCommerce is an amazing plugin for any online store. It is very helpful to establish an eCommerce store globally. The plugin is designed with several eye-catching features which make your store unique and powerful. The best thing about the plugin is, that it helps you to localize your site as per the shopper’s country.

With Booster, you can easily translate your website’s details like profile, product descriptions, contents, and graphic images into any language as per your targeted audience. Moreover, here you can add 159 additional currencies to WooCommerce.


  • Shows your prices in various currencies
  • Product Visibility by Country
  • Helpful to establish your online store globally
  • Make your product available on time
  • Translation ready

Get Booster for WooCommerce


Weglot, a multilingual WooCommerce plugin is translation-ready and supports 100+ languages. Now, you can display your site’s contents in any of these languages as per your requirements. Now, no need for multiple stores in multiple countries. Here you will get a fast first layer of machine translation combined with manual editing capabilities. And with this, you can get your fully translated WooCommerce store within 5 minutes.

Weglot displays your site’s content under multilingual SEO-friendly language subdirectories.


  • Supports 100+ languages
  • Comes with pro translators that make the process easier
  • Easily detect hidden elements such as alt text, meta content, and titles
  • Allow you to replace images, files, and videos in your translated version
  • Live preview of option

Get WooCommerce Translation Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

If you want to create a wishlist in your store, then YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is the best plugin for you. It is an ideal option to make your shopping easier and helps you make more sales. The plugin not only allows you to create wishlists but also enables you to store and share them with your friends.

To make your transition seamless, it integrates with WooCommerce. So now customers can freely check back in and find their favorite products for purchase later.


  • High potential for increasing sales
  • Offer gift lists for events like weddings and baby showers
  • Allows users to share their wishlists on social media
  • Capable of making multiple lists
  • Customize the wishlist formatting with several adjustments

Get YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

WooCommerce Customizer

Similarly, WooCommerce Customizer is an outstanding plugin that helps you to expand the number of adjustable settings in WooCommerce. Several customization options are available in WooCommerce, you just need to make them work. And for this case, the WooCommerce Customizer plugin is very helpful to you. It will make your tasks easier with some visual settings.

The plugin will offer advanced customization options to change any of the products displayed on each page. And the best part is, you need not hire any developer to do these all.


  • Comes with amazing visual editing settings
  • Allows you to change things like sales badges, Add to Cart text, and checkout page coupons
  • User-friendly layout
  • Provides  extensions like MailChimp, WooCommerce Memberships, and Jilt for WooCommerce
  • Most of the extensions are free to use

Get tWooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual is an ideal plugin that combines the WPML plugin with WooCommerce. With this users will get the best experience for changing the language of your site. So if you want to provide multiple language options to your users, then WooCommerce Multilingual is the best choice.

To make sure the right language is displayed in every case, all WooCommerce products, pages, and categories are modified.


  • Integrated with the most popular WooCommerce extensions
  • Translation ready
  • Allow you to change the currencies with a single click
  • Offer multiple currencies on a single site·        
  • The language of your choice is preferable for the checkout process and cart

Get WooCommerce Multilingual

Checkout Field Editor

Last but not least, Checkout Field Editor is the best tool for adding, editing, and deleting custom fields in your checkout area. As the plugin is integrated with WooCommerce, it will turn your checkout module into a more versatile area.

You are free to edit your current fields and can also add the new ones for labels, placeholders, and names. Moreover, the core version of the plugin is totally free. Within its core version, you will get fields like selections, text areas, and email.


  • Makes your checkout modules easier to customize.
  • Provides dozens of new field
  • No need for coding knowledge to edit or add new fields
  • Allow you to remove any fields you want
  • Single click for enabling and disabling any fields

Get Checkout Field Editor


Finally, we listed the powerful WordPress WooCommerce plugins. All of the above WooCommerce plugins are designed with an amazing layout to provide a better user experience.

All the plugins are very helpful to tackle everything to keep your online store powerful and stunning. So go through the list and get the best one for your upcoming WooCommerce site.

I hope you get this article helpful to you and you get the best choice. If you have any queries regarding this article, feel free to contact us. You can send your questions through our comment section. We get back to you with your solution as soon as possible.

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