10 Popular and Best eCommerce Platforms for 2020

best eCommerce platforms

Are you about to create an eCommerce website? If yes you might be searching the best eCommerce platform for this, isn’t it? So you are in the right place. This article is exactly for you.

So what is the eCommerce platform? It’s a place or platform where you can build a beautiful online shop for your online business. Online industries are highly competitive space from where you have to start your online business.

Well, there are several eCommerce platforms available for businesses. So which one to choose? It’s a quite confusing situation. And the main motive of this blog is to help you find the best platform for your needs.

Today, in this article, we came with the list of best eCommerce platforms. We hope it makes your work easier and you will get the best platform for your upcoming eCommerce website.

So let’s get started:


self hosted eCommerce solution Shopify

Shopify is one of the best online store plans with which you can design an attractive selling platform. It is suitable for dropship, rely on Facebook Ads or Instagram marketing.

Here you will get everything required for an online store like web hosting service, domain names, and others. You just need to give your time, create your creativity, and last but least, money to invest in it. Shopify comes with an elegant drag and drop interface which helps you to customize your online store perfectly.


  • Fast loading time
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Comes with several certified partners
  • Provides an extremely wide variety of themes
  • Single Click selling
  • Allows multiple channel and social selling


  • Poor SEO in consecutive studies
  • No customization for the checkout process
  • Charge transaction fee
  • Limited to provide only 3 product options


With Shopify, you will get 3 different pricing plans. Its basic plan costs $29 per month. The other two advanced plans cost $79 per month and $299 per month.



free WordPress eCommerce platform WooCommerce

Likewise, WooCommerce is considered as one of the best eCommerce platforms. It is widely used by more than 28% of all online stores which is huge. WooCommerce is a type of plugin that adds eCommerce abilities to your WordPress sites.

With the help of this platform, you will be able to build a full-fledged eCommerce website easily. Though it is a free plugin, you need to add some paid extension for advanced features.


  • The limitless potential provided by its extension 
  • Free of cost
  • Allows you to implement your skill to create additional functions
  • The massive community you can consult with
  • No commission for the service provider


  • Difficult to handle for beginners
  • Need to manage everything like hosting, and domain name
  • Adding up hosting and the domain name becomes expensive
  • Need proper attention and care for plugins optimization


WooCommerce software is free. But still, you need to pay for a web hosting account and a domain name. It may cost around $3.85 per month. 



best eCommerce platforms for beginners

BigCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for those who require a lot from their online retail platform. It comes with several outstanding features that are suitable for large companies.

With this, you will get an extremely versatile eCommerce experience. BigCommerce is loaded with powerful features but it costs higher. This is the reason why it is adaptable by big industries. It comes with a highly dedicated support medium that is available for your 24/7.


  • Comes with several packages
  • Custom option to create your pricing plan
  • 15-day free trial
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Comprehensive abandoned cart feature


  • Charges more for a large amount of data
  • Comes with few themes
  • Cart abandonment isn’t on entry plan
  • No 1-click Selling/Upsells


BigCommerce basic plan starts from $29.95 a month whereas its Plus Plan costs $79.95 a month. Also, its premium plan costs $299.95.



popular ecommerce solution for experts

If you have a great developer or you have enough budget to get a customized website, then Magento is the best option for you. Several larger brands like Nike, Procter, and Gamble, and Cisco have trusted Magento for its better services.

To deal with it, you should be perfect in coding as it is an integral part of the package. But if you want best for your online store, do everything to adapt to this platform.


  • Single Click selling
  • Provides a variety of options for small businesses and massive corporations
  • Comes with long term plan for large companies
  • Enable you to code certain features yourself
  • SEO optimized
  • Scalable and highly customizable


  • Themes are expensive
  • Requires Development Skills
  • No virtual support
  • Hard to use by beginners


Magneto has not so exact pricing plans. However, it can be estimated from $20,000 to $200,000.


Wix eCommerce

drag and drop online shop builder

Similarly, Wix eCommerce is a beginner’s friendly eCommerce platform. It is designed with a very simple, easy to use interface.

If you are starting your first ever online store, then Wix eCommerce will be the best option for you. Here you will get 24/7 support and the most straightforward eCommerce website building experience.

It does not require more budgets, so you can easily start your small business website. Even it comes with few features but those are enough to start with.


  • Comes with several free and amazing themes
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Provides on-page support
  • Extremely beginner-friendly
  • Suitable for small stores
  • Saves time in building a website


  • Lacks a powerful security system
  • Not well suited for larger corporations
  • Lacks marketing features and integrations


Wix eCommerce comes with four pricing plans. They are:

  1. $4.50: You need to register a domain yourself
  2. $8.50: Comes with a free domain for a year and extra space
  3. $12.50: Improves on space and functions
  4. $24.50: VIP plan that grants you top priority



simple online shop builder weebly

Another outstanding eCommerce platform on our list is Weebly. It is the best choice for those who want to build a simple store with built-in marketing automation. But if you want to build an SEO website, then this platform is not for you.

With its drag and drop editing, you can customize your site easily. It also provides an option to use HTML and CSS to customize your template. Weebly comes with several free themes but unfortunately, all are not responsive. So you need to choose it very carefully.


  • Able to create a wide variety of sites
  • Offers cheap features
  • Shows excellent value
  • Cost-effective eCommerce marketing automation
  • Stunning and free designs
  • Powerful email tools


  • Need to pay extra charges for transaction fee
  • Problem with SEO
  • Basic inventory management


The basic plan of Weebly is free. But need to pay for other plans like:

  1. Personal plan: $6.00
  2. Professional plan: $12.00
  3. Performance plan: $26.00



versatile ecommerce solution squarespace

Squarespace, an extremely versatile eCommerce platform comes with a drag and drop builder. It is the best option for one who wants to get a professional-looking website without spending long hours.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, this will be the best option with basic eCommerce needs.  Despite several amazing features, it doesn’t have any additional themes which limit its functionality.


  • It has a drag and drops web design feature.
  • It is simple to set up and use.
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Great For Simple Stores
  • Stunning Designs
  • Solid SEO tools      
  • Integrates with ShipStation and ShipBob


  • It is fairly limited in design choices.
  • It doesn’t have a store for extra themes or features.
  • No dropshipping
  • No marketing automation integration
  • No Amazon integration
  • Could be faster for the price
  • No app store for more features and functionalities


Squarespace comes with 4 price plans like:

  1. Personal Plan: $12 per month
  2. Business Plan: $18 per month
  3. Basic: $26 per month
  4. Advanced: $40 per month



open cart easy to use eCommerce builder

OpenCart is an awesome open-source eCommerce platform. It is quite similar to WooCommerce, as it also provides the functions needed to make an online store.

Here most of the things are managed yourself like web hosting, domain name, plugins, and many others. It means you need to take care of creating the website yourself. As it is open-source, you will get several add ons and additional software which will be useful for creating an online portal.


  • Being open-source, anyone can alter it to their will
  • Free of cost
  • Allows you to create your additional functions and sell them
  • Has a large community
  • Dedicated support forum


  • Need to manage hosting and domain name yourself
  • Hosting and the domain name increase your expenses


OpenCart is a free eCommerce platform. But still, you need to pay for a web hosting plan, a domain name, and various plugins and add ons.



volusion functional eCommerce site

Volusion, one of the best eCommerce platforms provides a great option for selling physical products. With its drag and drop and in-page editing, you can create a powerful website easily. It comes with 11 free themes and also a good number of premium themes.

This eCommerce platform provides several learning materials with which you can easily deal with any type of online store. Moreover, it includes several marketing options like SEO, selling on Google, eBay, Amazon, social selling, rewards, and coupons.


  • Dedicated help center
  • Amazing  flexibility with Sitemaps
  • Comes with built-in subscription/recurring payments
  • Well laid out dashboard
  • Provides clear inventory and marketing system


  • Poor URL structure
  • Slower SaaS platforms
  • Lacks built-in blogging functionality
  • Needs more up/cross-selling features


Volusion comes with different pricing plans like:

  1. Personal: $29/mo
  2. Professional: $79/mo
  3. Business: $299/mo
  4. Custom: contact vendor



edcart easy to use self hosted eCommerce site

3dcart is an advanced eCommerce platform that is very useful for creating high end and industrial websites. You will require lots of technical skills to deal with this, which means it’s not beginner-friendly.

3dcart has already served over 22,000 online businesses and all are satisfied with it. Besides this, it offers unlimited storage. Also, you need not pay any transaction fees. With the use of its POS, you will get support for multi-channel selling. Shipping is its strongest point as it provides advanced shipping solutions with no API.


  • Provides unlimited storage
  • Better blog feature compared to other SaaS eCommerce
  • Supports all necessary integrations
  • Provides amazing business user management tools like email, QuickBooks, inventory, and others
  • Extremely good functionality


  • Not a beginner-friendly
  • Not so visually appealing website
  • A bit tedious to use
  • Potential issues upgrading


3dcart comes with 5 different pricing plans:

  1. Startup store: $9.50 per month
  2. Basic store: $14.50 per month
  3. Plus store: $39.50 per month
  4. Power store: $64.50 per month
  5. Pro store: $114.50 per month



Finally, we did with the entire listed eCommerce platform. All are perfect and beautiful in their way. Well, each of the eCommerce platforms comes with outstanding features. 

As per their pricing plans, you will get different necessary features for an eCommerce website. So go through this list, and get the best option for you as per your requirements.

We hope you get this article helpful to you. If you are getting any trouble, feel free to send us your queries through the comment section. We make sure all of your questions are answered. Stay tuned and keep visiting our website for more interesting articles.

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