Modula Free and Best Gallery Plugin for WordPress Website

Best Gallery Plugin Modula

Whenever you are about to develop a website, choosing a perfect plugin is a very important task. A plugin can add various new and awesome features to your website which is not already added. So think twice while choosing a plugin for your website. There are various plugins with different features. Today we came with the plugin for the best gallery plugin which is none other than Modula Image Gallery. So here we go.

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Image, an important factor for any website, affect the overall performance of the website. Isn’t it? Problems related with an image like slow loading of the image may affect your website as it slows down its page which reflects the bad impact of your website. But it’s time to say goodbye to this problem because of Modula.

Modula is an amazing WordPress gallery plugin which is not only lightweight and fast but also easy to use. It was developed by the incredible team in 2015. It is also called a grid gallery plugin because of the way of appearance of the image in the website. The image gallery is an attraction and plus point of any website so it must appear in an attractive way. The flexibility and multi-features of Modula allow you to display the images in an elegant way in your site. With this plugin, you can get a perfect, unique and responsive gallery. It is only one which allows you to resize the gallery image freely which will be helpful for choosing the right image.

Modula image gallery is open source software. It is available in both free and premium version. The current version of Modula is 2.0.3 and works in WordPress of version 3.8 or higher. It is tested up to 5.0.3 version. Everyone is loving to use this awesome plugin for their gallery which increases its installations to 40,000+.

You can have fun by using Modula as your website plugin. It will amaze you with its elegant features. You only have to set width and height of the picture in the gallery, Modula will create an interesting and attractive gallery for your website. The best part is that the plugin does not look same all time. It has differed look for the different gallery. By the use of its random-factor, you can control the randomness of your site gallery so you can get a traditional layout.

Why Choose Modula Plugin for Your Image Gallery?

  • It has a well-designed interface that makes it easy to use.
  • It is free of cost and easy to use.
  • Have advanced features like gallery filter and hover effects.
  • You can resize your images and set aspect ratio.
  • Develop with creative nature.
  • Make a perfect gallery.
  • Uploading an image is done just by drag and drop.
  • Fully supportive.
  • Well-structured coding.

To be more familiar with this amazing plugin Modula let us elaborate some of its awesome features.

Image Filter

Images on your site should be eye-catching. But sometimes the original image is not so much perfect. So to give perfection to those images Modula offers you an image filter. Image filter allows you to add tags and labels in the image which will make your gallery cool. Isn’t it? So you can also have much fun with this feature.

Best Gallery Plugin Modula

Light Boxes

Modula gallery plugin provides you 6 awesome light boxes which are clean, fast and elegant. You can choose any of these for your gallery as per your needs and requirements. It will be helpful for making an advanced gallery for your website.

Shuffle and Image Loaded Effect

Shuffling an image give a fresh and new look to the image gallery. With this feature every time you load an image, you can see a new shuffled gallery. The effect in an image increases its attractiveness. With image loaded effect you can apply a beautiful effect to the loaded image which will bring out the best of your gallery. Some of the built-in effects are; slide horizontally/vertically, rotate or scale. You may think, “will affect slow down the page speed or not?” And the answer is NO. It does not affect your page speed. You can still load images quickly and smoothly.


Even you are beginners or confused about Modula, you do not have to worry anymore. You can get full detailed documentation of this awesome plugins so you can use it very easily and smoothly. Everything will be quite simple and straightforward. Visual and written both documentations are available for your help.

Best Gallery Plugin Modula

Hover Effects

Modula provides you 12 stunning and creative hover effect. Using a hover effect is the best way for increasing traffic to your gallery. These effects make your gallery unique and contemporary and can be used with a title, short description, and social icons. Modula will also work perfectly on mobile devices.

Social Sharing

Social media has become part of our life. Isn’t it? While you are using Facebook, Instagram or any other and you notice something interesting or eye-catching you suddenly share it on the timeline or post it. Like that Modula plugin allows you to share pictures in the gallery in social media. I think it is cool and awesome. So upload and share lots of images and show it to your social media friends.


In this Modula plugin, a video extension is available. It is easier than ever for adding video to your gallery. More another extension will come soon for Modula plugin.


You have to maintain the speed of your website. If it runs slowly them user feel irritated while using it and may leave it. So you have to make your website with the best gallery and fast speed. This is only possible with the use of Modula plugin. It helps you in creating an awesome gallery with various attracting effect and similarly maintain the speed of the website.


Modula is not limited just in one type of pc or laptop. It can give its full response to out of the box. Modula is supported by all type of devices. An image gallery will be visualized same in all devices. So you don’t have to worry about performances.


A full dedicated supportive is available for your support. Whenever you are getting trouble related to this plugin, you can simply send a message to the team. The entire team will go through your problem and help you to solve it. So use this theme without any a headache.


Modula is one of the leading gallery plugins in WordPress today. It makes even easier for creating a stylish gallery. You can demonstrate your picture and videos in the gallery with lots of effects and in an elegant way. It gives stunning look to your website.

Modula is the best WordPress plugin for photographers, designers, bloggers and also for the small business owner. Without any coding knowledge, you can create a powerful and beautiful image and video gallery for your website. You can add so much effect to your gallery and the best part is it does not slow down your work and page load.

In its premium version, it gives 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If the plugin does not satisfy your condition or terms then over the next 14 days, you can get back your refund. But with these features, I don’t think it will dissatisfy you. So hurry up and make your website with this awesome plugin and give a stunning look to your gallery.

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