12+ Best WordPress Membership Plugins for 2022

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Do you want to know the best WordPress membership plugins? Are you looking to create a membership site with WordPress and earn revenue? Then, you’re at the right place.

Membership sites are the sites where your visitors pay to access information from your site. So, if you have expertise that people want to learn, then you can set up a membership website and charge users for your valuable content.

Now, WordPress offers excellent plugins with tons of unique features to create a perfect membership site for your needs. So, in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best WordPress subscription plugins with their features so you can choose easily.

Before diving into the list, let’s first see what you should look at before selecting the best membership plugins.

What to Look for in WordPress Membership Plugins?

You can find many good choices on WordPress membership plugins, both free and premium ones. As these plugins offer many unique features, choosing the perfect one for your needs can easily be a little overwhelming. The bottom line is that you should see if the plugin can carry out the functions you need on your site.

Anyway, here are some of the essential things you should check before selecting a user membership WordPress plugin.

  • Ease of use: Select the plugin that’s easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you should have no problem setting it up by yourself.
  • Cost: Consider the budget you’re willing to invest in your site and then select the membership plugin accordingly. If you’re on a tight budget, then go for free options.
  • Membership Levels: You should make sure you need multiple membership levels. Also, the plugin should provide you freedom on which content on your site to restrict from users.
  • Content Dripping: You should be able to release your content in a timely manner. For that, make sure that your membership plugin has the content dripping feature.
  • Payment Gateways: Choose the membership plugin that has many payment options available. In addition, see if it integrates with more gateways so that you can receive membership payments easily.

With that said, let’s see the best membership plugins available in WordPress.

13 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

With our research, we’ve collected the 13 best membership site plugins that you can choose from. So, here they are!

1. ARMember

ARMember is a robust WordPress membership plugin that’s on the rise. It’s useful for creating various types and levels of memberships and earning by charging users subscription fees. ARMember makes it really easy to create membership programs with the help of a user-friendly interface.

With the availability of powerful features, you can create memberships, subscriptions, digital stores, and online course-based websites. Creating multiple memberships levels is also possible with customized content restrictions for each level. Anyway, if you ever get stuck, it’s detailed documentation and the support team is behind to assist you.

Features of ARMember

  • Freemium plugin (has both free and paid versions)
  • Content Restriction
  • Attractive login page
  • Multiple membership levels
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Easy payment processing
  • Trial period

Pricing: Free or $49 of a one-time payment

2. MemberPress

MemberPress is the most popular membership plugin for WordPress. This premium plugin offers all the best features that make a membership site complete. In addition, the setup and other functions are so easy to carry out that even beginners can do it without any hassle.

MemberPress WordPress Best Membership Plugin

With MemberPress, you can create lots of restricted content that only paid users can access. In addition, you can set up multiple rules to help you choose the content you want to protect. Moreover, you can drip the content in a schedule that keeps your subscribers engaged for a long time.

Features of MemberPress:

  • Content Dripping on a timely basis
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • Integration with many powerful tools
  • Offers you provide a free trial period
  • Outstanding support

Pricing: Starts at $179 per year

3. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is another great WordPress membership plugin with lots of capabilities. It’s created by the developers of Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP, thus it’s trusted by thousands of users. And, this could be the right choice for you too.

Membership Plugin Restrict Content Pro

It offers both free and paid versions to create functioning WordPress membership sites with ease. You can create different levels of membership with high access control and charge the fees accordingly. To receive the payments from users, it supports Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree.

Features of Restrict Content Pro

  • Easy to use
  • Built-in integration
  • Report generation
  • Subscription management
  • Email integration
  • Pro support

Pricing: Free or $99 for the first year

4. LearnDash

LearnDash is popularly known as the online courses and LMS WordPress plugin. Plus, it also offers you to create a functional membership website and charge recurring payments. With LearnDash, you can quickly create courses with quizzes, assignments, etc., and give their access to paid users.

LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugin

Moreover, if you want more flexibility in your system, then you can also integrate other membership plugins with LearnDash. With that done, you can then create different tiers of memberships and collect revenue accordingly.

Features of LearnDash

  • Drip content on a timely schedule
  • Charge one-time, monthly, or yearly fees
  • Drag-and-drop course builder
  • Integrate hundreds of payment gateways
  • Automated email notifications

Pricing: Starts at $159

5. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is one of the best WordPress membership plugins that you can get your hands on. It offers you a good level of flexibility to manage content, receive payments, allow user registration, and so on. It also comes with its own WordPress themes for more compatibility.

Paid Memberships Pro

You can also create different levels of membership hierarchy or even separate memberships suited for your users. Additionally, you can set the price, terms, recurring cost, discounts, trial periods, etc. as you wish. And the best part, you can start for free and later on move towards a paid option.

Features of Paid Memberships Pro

  • Extendible with add-ons
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite
  • Offers email service for sending users notices, invoices, etc.
  • Integration with many payment gateways
  • Admin reports

Pricing: Free or starting price of $297 per year

6. LifterLMS

LifterLMS is another great Learning Management System (LMS) plugin on our list. This plugin offers the basic membership features for free. Moreover, you can purchase premium add-ons if you want more features.

LifterLMS WordPress Online Course and Membership Plugin

With LifterLMS, you can create multiple educational courses that you can sell individually. In addition, you can also set up a membership and let only members access the multiple courses bundle. In terms of ease, you can directly set up the membership features directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Features of LifterLMS

  • Ease in building courses
  • Multiple add-ons available
  • Advanced quizzes, assignments, and certificates
  • Student progress report
  • Dedicated support

Pricing: Free plugin with premium add-ons starting at $120 per year

7. MemberMouse

Another handy plugin on our list, MemberMouse offers all the features that you want in a perfect subscription plugin. It lets you restrict access to your content and earn by selling memberships on different levels. Moreover, you can also sell access to individual content as well.

Member Mouse

After installation, you’ll have the menu with all its offered features right in the WordPress admin area. And, it’s so easy to use that even beginners can learn and create a perfect membership site in no time. There’s no need to write any codes at all.

Features of MemberMouse

  • Easy members management
  • Allows selling physical and digital products too
  • Robust content protection
  • Affiliate program support
  • Powered by SmartTags

Pricing: Starts at $289 per year

8. Teachable

Teachable is an independent platform where you can create online learning courses. And, it offers a WordPress plugin with which you can easily create learning material and integrate it into WordPress. You can easily restrict your desired content to sell memberships and earn good revenue.

Teachable Online Learning Platform

You can customize your membership site with the in-built customization tools. As a result, you can give your site an edgy look that attracts your members. Teachable is already feature-packed, however, it also lets you integrate many tools including Zaiper.

Features of Teachable

  • Offers quizzes, discussions, surveys, certificates, etc.
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Built-in affiliate marketing feature
  • Content dripping
  • Easy customer management

Pricing: $29 per year

9. Simple Membership

As the name suggests, Simple Membership makes it really easy to set up an entire WordPress membership site. Also, it has good integration with all major WordPress themes so you don’t have to find a specific one.

Simple Membership Plugin

With Simple Membership, you can easily create and customize multiple levels of memberships and allocate pricing accordingly. Moreover, you can have free memberships along with paid subscriptions also.

Features of Simple Membership

  • Offer your customers a free trial
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Allow use of shortcodes
  • Access reports of payment history
  • Detailed documentation

Pricing: Free plugin with premium add-ons starting at $29.95

10. WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships is a WooCommerce extension that lets you add the membership feature to your WooCommerce site. With that, you can earn more revenue by setting up memberships in your online business.

WooCommerce Memberships

Creating memberships with this plugin is widely flexible. You can grant membership for your individual product buyers, create a membership for multiple product access, free membership, and so on.

Features of WooCommerce Memberships

  • Easy to use
  • Content Dripping
  • Import/export members
  • Numerous payment options
  • Premium support

Pricing: $199 per year

11. Magic Members

Magic Members is a user membership WordPress plugin focusing on simplicity and ease in creating a membership site. Moreover, you can also sell physical products, digital products, online courses, etc. with Magic Members.

Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugins

You can restrict your site content based on categories, tags, shortcodes, or even restrict individual pages/posts. Create multiple levels of memberships and charge your fees accordingly. Or, you can also charge for a single post.

Features of Magic Members

  • Timely content dripping
  • Offers download manager to prevent unauthorized downloads
  • Large integration with payment gateways
  • Pay-per-post model

Pricing: $97 one-time payment

12. WP-Members

WP-Members is another easy-to-use WordPress plugin for creating a working WordPress membership site. With this plugin you can protect your pages/posts, custom post types, create custom registration fields, limit menu items, and much more.

WP-Members free WordPress Membership Plugins

It’s a free plugin available for download at the WordPress.org plugin repository. However, you might need to purchase its extensions because the free features might be inadequate.

Features of WP-Members

  • Easy to use
  • Scalable with extensions
  • Allows shortcodes
  • Large documentation

Pricing: Starts at $59 per year

13. S2Member

S2Member is yet another free WordPress membership plugin with premium versions available as well. It lets you hide your content posts/pages, downloadable files, media, etc., and gives access only to paid members. Also, you can hide a small portion of content within a page or post.

S2Member WordPress Membership Plugin

Since S2Member is totally based on shortcodes, the setup and configuration process becomes quicker. However, it might take you some practice to learn and get used to it.

Features of S2Member

  • Content Dripping
  • Detailed knowledge base
  • Allows selling downloadable files.
  • Integration with tools like Mailchimp, BuddyPress, etc.
  • Coupon codes and gift codes.

Pricing: One-time payment of $89

14. Membership for WooCommerce

Membership for WooCommerce

The free Membership for WooCommerce allows you to build membership plans for a specific group of clients, limiting access to certain services or content. Memberships make it simple to build a membership website where you can create unique content or provide access to special deals and products to your customers.

With the Membership for WooCommerce plugin, as a store owner you get these advantages: 

  • Restriction on access to any facility
  • Adding recurring revenue based on membership plans
  • Engaging customers using membership plans
  • Control access to your content and see complete customer history
  • Quick preview section for Membership plans on the plans listing page
  • A different status selection like pending, on hold, or completed as per their payment and plan expiry
  • Manual assignment of membership to a customer
  • Advance bank transfer and PayPal smart button integration


So, this concludes our article i.e. the best WordPress membership plugins for your WordPress site. We hope that this helps you choose the perfect plugin that helps you make a perfect membership site.

We assure you that these plugins are some of the best membership plugins to restrict your content and give access to paid members. You’ll have a great membership site that attracts your visitors to become members. As a result, you’ll generate some good revenue.

If you have any questions or feedback, then please feel free to comment below. We’ll get back to you very soon.

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