7 Popular and Best Classified WordPress Plugins for 2022

best classified plugin for WordPress

Classified ads offer an ingenious way through which you can generate more revenue from your website. If you’re reading this, I bet you’re not a web coding genius. It is why we’re giving you a more accessible alternative with unbelievable perks – the best-classified WordPress plugins. These plugins are not only affordable, but they’re also easy to install and tweak to your satisfaction. We have even thrown in the best two automotive classified plugins.

After picking the classified ad with the features that appeal to you most, you can mold your site into an ad-centered site. You can also place a few ads around your website strategically. Whatever your preference is, the plugins here are the best place to start. Check out what we have for you on this list.

Collection of Best Classified WordPress Plugins

Classified Listing

Classified WordPress Plugins

Classified Listing is a beautiful and straightforward WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with all well-coded WordPress themes. Since it is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, your target audience will view your ads quickly.

You can set the duration you want a listing to last on your website before expiration. Classified Listing has fields’ control for listing and detail views. Furthermore, the listing detail page comes with a contact form. You have control over the number of images each listing can have. Your users can report listings as abuse so you can take action. You can also approve listings manually or automatically and even add some of them to your favorites. Each listing/post has a pricing option.

Apart from offering exceptional currency control, Classified Listing also grants you access to offline and PayPal payments. The pro version adds Authorize.net and Stripe too. You also get full control of email messages and notifications. This plugin has unlimited categories and custom fields.

The Classified Listing Pro version supports additional features like the AJAX search feature, custom fields on search-filter & list view, membership, and store facility. Additional payment gateway  Stripe, authorize.net and WooCommerce payment gateway support, and many more.


WPAdverts is an incredibly lightweight plugin for new and existing sites with a modern and responsive design. You can use shortcodes to display classifieds categories grid, allow all users to post classifieds, and conduct intuitive ad browsing and searching. You can also enable users to manage their ads using a shortcode.

This plugin has a payment module to keep track of user payments and transaction logs. For convenience, it includes a bank transfer payment gateway. Therefore, it is easy to charge users for posting classified ads. Since ads will expire automatically after the period you set runs out, you can charge users for renewing expired ones too. The image upload is unbelievably straightforward with a drag and drop interface. WPAdverts include extensive documentation for both users and developers.

Another appealing aspect of WPAdverts is that it is compatible with any premium add-on with which you may want to extend it. Furthermore, it comes with 13 ready language translations.


If you want affordability, dependability, and functionality, uListing is an embodiment of the three. Despite this WordPress plugin coming free of charge, it is sturdy and has incredible features. It boasts fully customizable form fields as well as a drag and drop builder. Using the latter, you can create an inventory grid, list, and single layouts. uListing allows you to post listings without having to access your WordPress dashboard. Your frontend users can choose the sorting order for ads with options for categories and listings.

uListing allows you to accept payments via PayPal and stripe. It comes with an advanced search screen whose fields you can show or hide. Both the highly convenient quick search field and sorting bar for listings are configurable. Users can upload images per listing and set restrictions on the number of pictures vis a vis the payment plans. The plugin has many image options, including; drag and drop image uploads, primary image settings, and easy image ordering.


More than ten years of dependable performance and 10,000+ active sites justify AWPCP being on this list. It has incredible features for ads, notifications, payment, and images, among others. You can permit or deny the display of AdSense ads. You also have control over the use of HTML in classifieds. The limit of the text size of ad postings is in your hands. You can enable or disable form fields depending on your needs. Classifieds have a button for sharing via Twitter in their layout.

You can allow AWPCP to send notifications to posters of expiring ads, renewals, and approvals of ads. The plugin also facilitates notifications to admins when ads are posted or edited. You can permit ad posters to hide their email addresses when they contact you.

You have control over the number, height, width, and file sizes of images posted. AWCPC supports multi-image asynchronous loading. It has many ad posting controls too.


If you intend to create car dealership classified listings, the Motors plugin is perfect for you. This plugin is more of an assistant with photos, videos, contact information, and technical options and features – all dedicated to your business. Creating your account profile and customizing it is quick and easy. Motors gives you a basic template, which is easily customizable via the general settings.

Buyers will love the easy vehicle comparison as they shop. Adding new vehicles is comfortable with all the relevant options. Adding listing pages, and photos, and allowing user contributions before posting a listing is straightforward. Therefore, appointing several admins to help you in adding listings is almost effortless.

Your gallery accommodates images and videos so that customers can view vehicles to their satisfaction before purchasing. Not only can you post all the features of an individual vehicle, but you can also give customers a customized listing of the features and models they’re looking for.


ACADP is one of the most professional and high-quality classifieds and directories on WordPress. It comes with unlimited categories and category levels to satisfy all your needs. You can set any number of custom fields so that your site accommodates all areas that you’d like to advertise. This plugin provides the following field formats; radio, checkbox, select list, and text area.

The plugin accommodates unlimited locations, and you can set any country as well as any location scenario of your choice. ACADP has functional Google maps integration. The administrator can manage the listings and all settings from the backend. On the other hand, the users have a personal panel that allows them to access several functions. They can manage, renew, edit, and delete their listings. They can also set their favorite listings and view their payment histories.

Users can add images to their listings. ACADP also facilitates video embedding from YouTube and Vimeo.

Auto Listings

The second automotive listings plugin, Auto Listings, has all you need to list, manage, and sell cars quickly. It gives your users an advanced search, auto-populating for vehicle data, and many other impressive features. This plugin offers vehicle data dating from 1941 to today for over 68,000 cars. After you choose the make, model, and year of manufacture, all other specs will be auto-filled in your fields. You can select the condition of the vehicles from new, used, and certified options.

Each listing has contact forms so that you can capture leads easily. Since this plugin has Google maps integration, it is easy to add locations. Auto Listings offers easily customizable shortcodes, with each having many options. The template system of the plugin is robust, adaptable, and has an easy WooCommerce-like interface. This plugin is both SEO and mobile-friendly so that your site and listings are easy to find on Google.

Final Thoughts

With these options, you can decide to create an ad site such as Craigslist with high chances of stratospheric success. The features we’ve mentioned are just highlights: the plugins have many more features that you should explore once you make a choice. We hope this list of the 7 best-classified WordPress plugins relieves you of the tiresome task of locating a useful plugin. Make your choice and watch your site grow.

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