8 Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins for 2022

wordpress download manager plugins

Are you in search of WordPress Download manager Plugins? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Such plugins are useful to control and manage all the downloaded files on your site. Today in this article, I came up with a list of the best WordPress download manager plugins.

With the help of these WordPress download manager plugins, you can keep track of all the downloaded files. Such Plugins also allow you to easily add password protections, track the number of downloads, organize files, and stop unregistered users from accessing files.

Before diving into the list, let me introduce you to some of the advantages of using WordPress Download Manager Plugins.

Why use WordPress Download Manager Plugins?

  • Allow to access files only to registered users and paying customers
  • Provides a limited number of copies of a digital file
  • Manage all the files within WordPress
  • Protect your files from bots or spammers from being repeatedly downloaded
  • Tracks all your downloads

Well, there is much more importance to such Plugins. Now let’s get on the list. Here have a look:

1. Download Monitor


Here the list started with Download Monitor. It is an amazing WordPress Download Manager Plugin that comes with an intuitive UI. The plugin allows you to upload and manage downloadable files with easy access. Also, you can insert download links to files in your posts. It is designed with the aim of keeping all the user’s files in organized patterns with its track records.


  • Provides multiple file versions to downloads
  • Tracks all download
  • Logs user download attempts
  • Comes with a Quick-add panel for adding files
  • Provides Shortcodes to output downloads in different formats

2. File Manager


File Manager ​is an efficient WordPress Download Manager Plugin. It comes with flexible and versatile features that help you to manage your downloaded files. The Plugins help you out through editing, deleting, copying, pasting, uploading, downloading, and others. These can be done directly from the WordPress backend. All these functions make your work easier as well as save you.


  • Allow you to generate shortcodes
  • Context Menu support
  • Comes with an Image editor, Document Viewer
  • Provides support for Image Thumbnails
  • Ban access to specified users
  • Allow you to enable/disable file manager

3. WP-Filebase Pro


Likewise, WP-Filebase Pro comes with cloud support. The plugin makes your files structured easily and organized. With the help of this WordPress Download Manager Plugin, you will get elegant templates. Such templates are very useful to embed files into pages or post content. The plugin handles permissions, URL signing, and redirects.


  • Arrange secondary categories for files
  • FTP, Dropbox & Amazon S3 sync
  • Provides extended permissions and file password
  • Scalable file management
  • Deep file analysis

4. Easy Digital Downloads

If you are searching for WordPress Download Manager Plugin for an e-commerce solution, then Easy Digital Downloads is the best option for you. It is very effective to manage multiple file downloads per downloaded product. The plugin also comes with PayPal and Manual as the default payment options. It is really a powerful contender to sell digital products like ebooks, WordPress plugins, PDF files, and more.


  • Able to purchase multiple downloads with the Cart system at once
  • Ability to re-download files
  • Comes with PayPal and Manual as the default payment options
  • Multiple files per downloadable product
  • Offers extensions that add to its functionality

5. WordPress Download Manager


WordPress Download Manager is the free plugin for managing and selling your downloaded files. It is the best e-commerce solution for selling digital downloads. With this amazing WordPress Download Manager Plugin, you can get easy access to monitor file downloads,  price variations, licensing, password protection, download visibility, and many more.


  • Allows you to add multiple files in a single entry
  • Restrict downloads to certain users with access control
  • Provides detailed Download stats
  • Bandwidth control option
  • Multi-Level Categories

6. Delightful Downloads

Similarly, Delightful Downloads is one of the best WordPress Download Manager plugins on our list. Users can add download links, buttons, and download information to posts, pages, and widget areas with easy access. All the download statistics can be tracked from the WordPress dashboard.


  • Easily upload files through the WordPress admin area
  • Offers Shortcodes to display download links, buttons, and downloads
  • Allows you to categorize and tag downloads
  • Keeps download tracks within the WordPress dashboard area
  • Protect your files with a strong password

7. Groups File Access WordPress Plugin

If you want to restrict the access to download to authorized user groups, then the Groups File Access WordPress Plugin is the best option. With this WordPress Download Manager Plugin, you can provide download links for authorized users and restrict others. Not only that, but you can also set a limited or unlimited number of downloads per user.


  • Comes with embedded protected streaming media
  • Provides full Multisite support
  • Allows you to upload files via FTP
  • Provides customizable File Access notification
  • Offers flexible Shortcodes

8. CM Download Manager


Last but not least, CM Download Manager helps you to upload, manage, track, and support documents of files in a directory. It restricts an unauthorized person to download your files and provides a strong password to all your downloaded files. This WordPress Download Manager Plugin is available in both free and premium versions. So if you want some additional features, you can upgrade your plugin to the premium.


  • User notifications and permissions
  • Provides strong Password protection
  • Allows multiple file uploads
  • Provides Multisite support
  • Comes with Shortcodes and log statistics


Finally, we did with all the listed WordPress Download Manager Plugins. All of them come with outstanding features with which you can easily manage your download.

These Plugins come with a list of options, so get the one as per your requirements. I am sure with these above WordPress Download Manager Plugins, you can keep your downloads protected.

I hope you get this article is helpful to you and can get the best WordPress Download Manager Plugins for your site.

If you are getting any trouble regarding these Plugins, feel free to send your queries via the comment section. We will get back to you with your solution as soon as possible. Keep visiting our site for more useful articles.  

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