Best Websites to Promote WordPress Themes For Free

submit and promote WordPress themes

Instead of making premium WordPress themes directly, it is great to provide free WordPress themes for the users so that you can get feedback from them. If you already well know this strategy, you can promote WordPress themes for free via different websites and blogs. For instance, you can promote your free themes by email subscriptions, social media, and blog. Besides that, there are some easy techniques to promote your products.

Why Free Themes?

It is always recommended that promoting the premium version of themes is easy by providing a free version. When users are able to use the free version first, they will upgrade it to the premium. Generally, free WordPress themes usually lack important features and limited customize options. Hence, users will ultimately upgrade to the premium versions.

  • Easy to promote your premium products
  • Get better feedback from the users
  • Understand the market and user’s requirements
  • Earn by providing support and customization
  • Make your great brand

Moreover, there are so many good reasons to provide free themes. You can comment below about your experience with providing or using free themes.

Lists of the website to Promote WordPress Themes For Free

Well, there is a number of website from where you can promote WordPress themes for free. In this list, we are going to share with you some best, most trusted, and most popular websites.


From the official repository of WordPress themes, you can promote your Free WordPress themes. However, they have their own guidelines. So, you need to develop WordPress themes based on it. Otherwise, your theme will not be listed on the repo. Furthermore, you can join the #themereview channel of slack or read the guidelines before starting developing themes for WordPress official repository.

Just Free Themes

They offer both free and paid listings. You can promote your products either free or pay. The paid promotion will be beneficial if you want to reach more users. But don’t worry, even the free listing has good reach. After the submission, you can feel how popular this site is. They have some rules but if your theme is in the WP.Org repository, the chances of acceptance will be very high.

Beautiful Themes

This one is another leading blog and WordPress theme listing site. You need to submit the theme with the download link, demo link, email, author name, and unique description. After the submission, your products will check and listed on their website. You don’t need to pay for the listing. It is totally free.

We Blog Tools Collection

Another leading website where you can submit your Free WordPress themes and plugins. After the submission, your theme will be listed on their website. This website is good on SEO and has huge traffic daily.

Some more websites where you can submit themes.

Instead of submitting themes, you can submit guest articles on various blogs. Submitting the guest post is also a good method to promote the products. You can contact the blog owners and you can submit the guest post. WP Entire offers guest posts. Likewise, there are various other websites where you can publish your posts.

In the end, start making free themes, promote them and start earning them.

If you have any idea where authors can submit WordPress themes, please comment below. We will add it to the above list.