Easy Blocks – Gutenberg Page Builder Plugin Review

Gutenberg Page Builder Plugin

The Easy Blocks is a growing Gutenberg page builder plugin for a newly introduced WordPress editor called Gutenberg. This Gutenberg Block Plugin is available for free in the WordPress Directory. It comes with 20+ premium quality blocks which are enough to design any page or post from scratch.

By the end of this review, you will hopefully realize – is it worth downloading this free plugin or not? Though Gutenberg is new to the market, there are a lot of alternatives Block plugins if you are one of them who use Gutenberg then this review is for you.

About Easy Blocks Gutenberg Page Builder Plugin

Easy Block is a free Plugin Developed by JewelTheme and available for free download From WordPress Repository. It will help you to build marvelous pages for Home, About, Contact, etc. This plugin allows you to publish eye-catching blog posts too. By default Gutenberg Editor you are able to produce two-column rows. However, the plugin lets you create multiple column variations for a single row.

Best Easy Blocks Features

If you know the basics of how to use Gutenberg Editor, that’s enough to work with it. The UI, Blocks Arrangement, Dynamic preview are three main backend features.

We will look at some essential blocks first. Later we will check some other feature which helps you to decide whether it’s perfect for you or not.

Easy Blocks Multiple Column Interface

It’s one of the most wanted features for all Gutenberg Editor users. “Row Block” helps to customize pages or posts from scratch. There are three variations for Row. Variations on their sizes, Wide Width, Full Width, and Tiny Row packed within the plugin.

You can insert a maximum of six columns within a single row. Use the inner row system to add more rows when necessary. Place any block within the column, and it will work like magic.

Gutenberg Page Builder

It comes with unlimited customization possibilities. There are separate options for Padding/ Margin, Background, Background Overly, Dividers, Text Color, and Container. Think profoundly and edit the value in the options panel to get outstanding output.

Social Block: There 3 Social Blocks to enhance your social activity. The blocks are Social Share, Instagram, and Click to Tweet. Placing Social shares on a Blog Post or Page is easy. No matter where you need a sharing button, add the social share block.
Add your Instagram’s latest updated photos or videos on your website with the Instagram block. You can showcase your Insta profile with this block too.
You may need to add some particular quote or content which people like to share via Twitter. There are two variations for click to tweet. One is the default, and another is the alternative design. Don’t forget to add your Twitter Username.

Marketing Blocks: Easy Blocks has a good collection from a marketing perspective. Blocks like Counter Up, Feature Grid, Testimonial, Call to Action will help you to arrange a proper landing page.

Some other blocks: Beyond all of these there are some blocks which are also play an important role to develop a better page.

  • Image & Content: Align image + content within the same row is possible with this block. You can align the image on the left or right from the block option.
  • Logo Slider: It’s necessary to showcase some logos on a slide sometimes. For example, you can add some brand’s logo which featured you or your service in their blog or website. It has an options panel to write the logo title and description too.
  • Author Box: If you are a professional blogger, you know the necessity of having an author box under the blog post. Your audience always wants to see behind the person of the content. There is a different variation of the author box. Select the best one and publish your post.
  • Alert: In your webpage, there are some paragraphs or lines which should be highlighted. This block has a few variations for the alert box like success, danger, bright, dark, etc.

Let’s wrap up. Gutenberg is a new Block-based editor packed with WordPress 5.0+ versions. Gutenberg brings a revolution for the WordPress beginner. If you are using Gutenberg and searching for some extra blocks which will bring light to your website, then you should try Easy Blocks.