Change Time zone and Date Format on Your WordPress Site

Every time you post on your WordPress site it gets automatically stamped with your default timezone and date format once you publish it. What if you don’t like the date format and wish you could display your own format or even you want to change the time zone and date format?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be programmed for this, WordPress allows you to customize time zone and date format within a few easy steps from your admin panel also known as the dashboard. Let’s check out some easy methods to change the time zone and also the date format from your admin dashboard.

You can easily change the date and time format by going to Settings > General.

  1. Login to your website dashboard. (
  2. Go to Settings > General
  3. Scroll down to Date Format Section
  4. Select the available options for your Date format
  5. Select time format in the Time Format section.
  6. If the selection is fine, click Save Changes below to save the changes.

Check the below-mentioned example before choosing the best format. Also, If you want to make the custom Date and Time format, you can take reference from the below examples. You can also check Codex for more details about the time and date format.

Format String Example goes like this,

l, F j, Y

Each string represents,

  • l = Full name for day of the week (lower-case L).
  • F = Full name for the month.
  • j = The day of the month.
  • Y = The year in 4 digits. (lower-case y gives the year’s last 2 digits)

Here, this format creates date like this,

Friday, February 02, 2018

Date Format Examples

  • F j, Y g:i a – November 6, 2010 12:50 am
  • F j, Y – November 6, 2010
  • F, Y – November, 2010
  • g:i a – 12:50 am
  • g:i:s a – 12:50:48 am
  • l, F jS, Y – Saturday, November 6th, 2010
  • M j, Y @ G:i – Nov 6, 2010 @ 0:50
  • Y/m/d \a\t g:i A – 2010/11/06 at 12:50 AM
  • Y/m/d \a\t g:ia – 2010/11/06 at 12:50 AM
  • Y/m/d g:i:s A – 2010/11/06 12:50:48 AM
  • Y/m/d – 2010/11/06

With the help of the above examples, you can make your own custom date format as well.

Time Format Examples

  1. g:i a – 7:15 am
  2. g:i A – 7:15 AM
  3. H:I – 7:15

With the help of these above examples, you can easily make the custom time format as well.

Hence, from the steps given above, you’ll be able to change the date and time format and also can easily make the custom formats as well.

Lastly, the Date and Time format may vary upon the different time zones so make sure you have proper knowledge about these zones before you get your hands dirty in customizing date and time zones in WordPress. Now go ahead and make your site more attractive as well as elegant with your custom date and time formats.

Happy Blogging !!