10 Best WordPress Comment Plugins for your WordPress website in 2022

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

All we know about the importance of content in a blog of our WordPress website. But besides this, the blog’s comments have their own importance. It is a way to interact with your visitors and also make them stay for more time. With the help of your comment section, visitors can send their queries and suggestion to you. And you can also reply to their solution with the same comment.

So while creating any WordPress website, you must choose the best WordPress comment plugins for it which will give you a better result. For your ease, I came up with the collection of the best WordPress Comment plugins which will make your comment section attractive and more powerful.

Go through this article once and select the perfect one for you. Let’s get started:

Importance of Comment Plugin

  • To get better interaction
  • Useful feedback with proper discussion
  • Comments can give better ideas for contents
  • For SEO optimization
  • It helps to form a community

Explore Best WordPress Comment Plugins

WordPress Native Comments

WordPress Native Comments system is actually not a plugin. It is a built-in system in WordPress. It comes with default WordPress and you can manage everything of it via the settings of the WordPress dashboard.

At first, it is designed for WordPress, thus, there are no conflicts with plugins. It has a powerful comment system and some more popular blogs are using this.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

It is created with a modern design which provides a better way to comment for your blog. Besides this, it will also help you with links and formatting.

WordPress Native Comments is popular for its easy access and its cleanliness. Its simplicity makes the user deal with it very easily.  It is an inbuilt system, so don’t need to bother with its installation.


  • It is a pre-installed comment plugin
  • Created with a clean and modern interface
  • Give an attractive look to your comment section
  • Free of cost
  • Well known for creating a quick and better conversation.


Jetpack is a multi-option plugin that offers you several attractive features with additional functionalities. It is built up with various amazing features that will customize your blog website in an attractive way. The plugin has an analytical module that helps you to check the number of people who visited your site.

If you are using this plugin, you can ditch many other plugins, since it has various advanced features that will cover many other plugin features. Another interesting feature of the jetpack is its smooth performance which makes your work easier.


  • Keep track of your views and search queries.
  • Provide social sharing buttons
  • Create a sitemap
  • Trace the daily backup of your blog
  • Monitor the downtime of your site and get you informed
  • Built with smooth features

Thrive Comments

Thrive Comment is a premium comment plugin created with powerful features. In its premium pack, it is offering all thrive comment features, unlimited free updates, one year full of support, and so on. It is created with the idea of creating incentivized conversation in your blog.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Not only that, Thrive Comments allow your user to like others’ comment and also provides badges according to their performance. It comes with Reddit features that will show the popular comments at the top which will give a better conversation environment.


  • Created with clean and modern features
  • Takes your conversation to the higher level
  • Helps your user to configure the comments in a different way
  • Allow you to provide a coupon for each new commenter
  • Social sharing option


Similarly, Disqus is one of the popular comment plugins which will stores and manage comments on a third-party server. It will give you lightweight access and offers configuration, which is beyond your thinking.


Disqus plugin comes with a powerful commenting system, which will take your website one step forward. It will make your site more professional. I assure you will love its service and feature which will force you to this one for your WordPress website.

WP Entire blog uses Disqus for a better experience, easy to use, and no spam comments. It has an awesome layout, notification via email, social sharing, etc. There are so many popular blogs and they are happily using this.

If you are using the WordPress Native comments system and want to move on Disqus, you can easily import all those comments as well. So, it is super flexible and easy.


  • It will provide advertisement as a money-making opportunity
  • Outstanding performance and flexibility
  • Protects the quality of your comments
  • The large community of user which will make your content popular
  • Helps you to understand the metric like article reads, comment reads, and total engagements


wpDiscuz, one of the fastest comment plugins is well known for its stability and modern design. It is a reliable solution for your blog comment. The plugin will store your comment in the database which will keep your data secured.


Also, you can integrate the popular plugin to your sites like BuddyPress, UserPro, and Akismet. Not only that, but it will also provide you with an option for social sharing. The best part is its core plugin is totally free, isn’t it great? wpDiscuz comes with some add-ons which will increase the functionality of your site.


  • Core plugins are free of cost
  • One of the smart, clean and fast comment plugin
  • Social sharing option
  • 100% customizable plugin
  • Comes with ups and down votes
  • Allow you to activate anonymous comments


Likewise, GraphComment is the best option for the social comment system which will rebuild the standard discussion modules which we see online. It will offer a free personal plan for commercial, professional, and personal blogs. This is one of the best plugins which will provide great functionality of features required for a professional comment system.


Not only that, GraphComment helps you in text formatting and also comes with live discussions that reveal responses in real-time.


  • Comes with a free core plugin
  • Provides several attractive colors
  • Allow you to upload a logo on the login module
  • Ability to import the older blog to the new one
  • Outstanding interface for editorializing the conversation

WpDevArt Facebook Comments

WpDevArt Facebook Comments helps you to feed the comments under your blog post. This plugin runs with Facebook so your user doesn’t have to create another account for it. And when your user shares your posts it will again visit by several users.


Hence it is the best option to increase your site traffic without any limitation. Along with this, It will also assist you in bringing a user-friendly interface with several font and color options.


  • Creates a path for users interaction on your blog post
  • Provides easy access for Facebook user
  • Option for attractive colors and fonts
  • One of the respectable commenting tool
  • Free core plugins with the inexpensive premium version

Super Socializer

If you are in search of a free and lightweight commenting tool then Super Socializer is the best option for you. Here you will get a powerful combination of social sharing and logging tools. It allows you to put social sharing icons on your every blog which increases your site traffic.


It extremely focuses on social logins which will avoid signing up for your blog. Super Socializer comes with mobile responsive modules so your user can easily comment on their mobile.


  • Comes with powerful and responsive add-ons
  • User does not have to sign up for a new account
  • Protect from spam
  • Pulled the social profile data into database
  • Packed with social sharing plugin

Replayed by Postmatic

Similarly, Replayed by Postmatic is one of the amazing comment plugins which will improve the subscription of the user’s sign-up. It compels all international spam laws to modernize the subscription.


 It comes with responsive templates for providing easy access to its users. The plugin package with several premium features which make your site powerful.


  • Offers exceptional features in the core plugin
  • Comes with amazing email templates
  • Adheres to international spam laws
  • Known for its coolest features

De: comments

Last but not least, De: comments is one of the most powerful plugins for your site’s comment. It is a plugin that will completely customize your site comment area. The plugin will support a wide range of languages which will be helpful for your user.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Another interesting feature of this plugin is its voting system. With its responsive interface, it has also some elements which make it appealing.


  • Provides multilingual support for a wide range of language
  • Offers a badge support system
  • Wide variety of media attachment
  • Single-click sign-on for social network

Wrapping Up

Well, this is all about the listed best WordPress comment plugins for your WordPress website. Above all plugins are created with attractive layouts and impressive features. These plugins are very helpful to make your comment section into the place your visitors want to be.

I assure you will get a great experience with these comments plugins. So go through this article and get the best one for you. I hope this article will be helpful for you and you are able to make a better decision. In case of any difficulties, you can send us your queries via the comment section. We make sure you will get your answer as soon as possible. Keep visiting our website for more interesting articles.

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Happy Blogging!!!