8 Best Countdown Timer Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Countdown Timer Plugins

Are you about to develop your WordPress website along with a countdown timer? If yes you must require the best countdown timer plugins for it.

Such plugins are very useful to keep your visitors informed. Also, it helps you to add some urgency depending on the use of your site.

There are two different Countdown timers available for your site: Normal and Evergreen. Normal is the specific countdown time that is fixed for every user. Whereas, evergreen is quite complicated and is specially designed to create an artificial sense.

Here I came up with the best countdown timer plugins for your WordPress website. Go through the list one by one and get the best one for you.

T(-) Countdown

The list started with T(-) Countdown. It is a free and popular countdown timer plugin that comes with both a shortcode and a widget. It lets you count down and fix a specific time for your site. Once the countdown reaches zero, you can display it all by using custom HTML.

You get everything great in this plugin except its base styles. These are quite ugly. So you need to add some custom CSS in order to get a better design for your site. While talking about the features and functions, it is quite impressive and powerful compared to others.


  • Comes with both a shortcode and widget
  • A countdown timer is powered by jQuery and CSS
  • Do not support flash
  • A countdown timer for a specific date, hour, minute, and second
  • Include custom HTML
  • Display the timer once it reaches zero
  • Comes with premium extensions

Waiting: One-click countdowns


Waiting: One-click countdowns is also a free plugin built with amazing countdown features. It offers several elegant designs in a neat package. Not only the better design and layout, but it also comes with an amazing count down to the second. It allows you to choose different conditions and scenarios for the time when the countdown timer reaches zero. With this plugin, you will get the option to choose between doing nothing, hiding the countdown, redirecting visitors, or triggering DOM events.


  • Created with stylish and modern design
  • Attractive visual builder
  • Live preview option
  • Shortcodes generator

jCountdown Mega Package

Best Countdown Timer Plugins

Likewise, jCountdown Mega Package is a premium countdown timer plugin that provides several premium features. In spite of being premium, it is quite affordable for all. It offers a better selection having several attractive styles.

The plugin is successfully able to get a 4.71-star rating on over 3,900 sales. It is also based on jQuery because of which you can execute custom HTML when the countdown timer finishes. It comes with different pre-built styles which make your site beautiful and elegant.


  • Able to get the 4.71-star rating
  • Based on jQuery
  • Execute custom HTML when the timer reaches zero
  • Comes with 8 modern styles

WooCommerce Sales Countdown

Best Countdown Timer Plugins

If you have a WooCommerce website and want to add a Countdown timer plugin, then WooCommerce Sales Countdown is the best option for you. You can add this countdown plugin for your product’s websites that are on sale.

Not only that, but you are also allowed to add it to your sidebar, category pages, and individual product pages.


  • Suitable plugin for WooCommerce website
  • Works in sidebars and product category pages
  • Also compatible with individual product pages

Evergreen Countdown Timer


Evergreen Countdown Timer is one of the ideal Countdown plugins that provide both normal and evergreen countdown timers. If you go through evergreen timers, you will get a service to track visitors by cookie or IP address.

Evergreen Countdown Timer is also available in the free version, but if you want some better service and more advanced functionality, I suggest you refer to its premium one. Not only that, but it also provides Countdown seats and a ticket for premium ones.


  • Comes with unlimited timers and colors option
  • Provides both normal and evergreen countdown timers
  • Automatic reset timers for the premium version
  • Help you to track your visitors via IP address, cookie, or both

Coming Soon by Supsystic


Similarly, Coming Soon by Supsystic is specially designed for adding countdown timers for “coming soon” pages. It provides you with full coming soon templates that you can integrate with a countdown timer for your site.

As per its name, the Coming Soon plugin is the best option for under construction websites. It also helps you to manage all your emails and social media.


  • Comes with “coming soon” page templates
  • Help you to build your email list along with the social following
  • Give you information on who sees the “coming soon” page by user role

Countdown by POWr


Countdown by POWr is one of the best countdown timer plugins which is cloud-based. If anyone wants to use this plugin, at first he/she has to register an account at POW. It allows you to count each event over time.

Moreover, by implementing this plugin for your site, you can create regular timers for the count down or up. Its free version comes with POWr’s branding. If you want to get rid of it, it means if you want to remove its branding, you have to upgrade it to the premium version.


  • Timers for counting up or down
  • The free version comes with POWr’s branding
  • Enable you to add timers to track events over time

WordPress Countdown Widget


Last but not least, WordPress Countdown Widget is a free plugin that is built with several interesting features. It allows you to add basic, functional, jQuery countdown or count up timers to your WordPress site. Additionally, you will get an option to include widgets or Shortcodes for your timer.

The plugin helps you to calculate the exact timer in the second. It means you can get a better record of your site’s working.


  • Count down or up timer for your site working
  • Attracting styling options
  • An accurate timer to the second


Finally, we did with all of our listed Countdown timer plugins for your WordPress website. All of the above plugins are crafted with powerful features and elegant design. I assure you will have an amazing experience and get the best product for your site.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. You can send us your review and queries regarding these plugins in our comment section. We make sure all of your queries are answered. Keep visiting our site for more such interesting articles.

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