8+ Best FSE WordPress Themes for 2023

FSE WordPress Themes

Are you looking after the best FSE WordPress themes? Here, you are on the right way.

FSE, which also stands for Full Site Editing, is a new feature added to WordPress. With the help of this feature, you can create and customize the entire site using blocks. Not only that, but it also enables you to use the blocks outside the content. So by implementing the FSE WordPress themes, you can build everything on the site using blocks.

Using blocks, users can create content on their page or post easily. Or, you can tell that each item that you add to your page or post is a block. Such themes allow you to add the block for paragraphs, images, video, galleries, audio, etc. you can find several default blocks in the WordPress core and can also use them.

Some of the available blocks are:

  • Site Title Block
  • Tagline Block
  • Logo Block
  • Post Title
  • Author Block
  • Date, etc.

Let’s discuss the 8 best WordPress FSE themes in detail. For sure it will clear your doubts about this new feature. 

Here, have a look:

8 FSE WordPress Themes for 2022

Check easy-to-use FSE WordPress themes that are available in the WordPress.org themes repository.


Jadro FSE theme

Jadro is a community-developed WordPress theme. This theme is released on the occasion of the 20th WordPress Anniversary. The Nepali WordPress community announced the release of their brand-new FSE (Full Site Editing) theme.

This is a completely speed-optimized FSE theme with 100 Google page speed. It comes with 5 different style variations as well as multiple patterns in it. You can create any type of website with Jadro.


  • 5 Different Global Styles
  • Advanced Typography
  • Multiple Advanced Color Options
  • Build on WordPress.org guidelines
  • Fastest WP theme


Rick FSE Theme for WordPress

Rick is an experimental FSE WordPress theme by the WPEntire team. If you want to learn FSE theme development, then you can check Rick’s theme code. This theme is very simple and easy to use the theme. If you are new to full site editing, then you might get confused about how to get started. But later, you can get the ideas easily.

It has templates for a single post, page, and 404 pages. You can use the entire features of FSE with this theme.


  • Beginner’s friendly FSE theme
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Very lightweight and amazing fast
  • Clean and elegant design

Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty Two WordPress FSE theme

Twenty Twenty-Two is the default WordPress theme bundled with WordPress 5.9. This is the first FSE WordPress theme from WordPress. It is built based on the latest coding standard of full site editing. It comes with 64 different patterns under 5 different categories. In addition, it is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

It also has customizable templates and template parts. You can make any type of website from blog to portfolio. Download this theme and start making your site today.


  • Fully full site editing theme
  • Compatible with WordPress Gutenberg
  • Developed by WordPress core
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Elegant layout


Blockbase FSE Theme

Here, the first Full Site Editing theme in our list is Blockbase. It is simple to use and implement. This WordPress FSE theme supports full-site editing and lets you customize your site using blocks. Here, you will get a set of minimal templates and design settings.

You can manipulate all those templates through Global Styles. So use these elements wisely and build a beautiful website. The developer mainly focuses on its configuration and provides a “polyfill”  to design “configuration expression”.


  • Amazing configuration
  • Available on child theme
  • Gutenberg compatibility
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Attractive templates


Naledi FSE WordPress Theme

Naledi is an experimental block-based WordPress FSE theme that comes with amazing features. With this, you can leverage full-site editing functionality. that is being built in the Gutenberg plugin. This theme is not meant for use on a production site. The theme is not only for production sites but the main aim is to build templating systems in the Gutenberg plugin. Naledi is given the limitation of block template and comes with plenty of personalities. It is actually a good representation of the theme for a top system.


  • Experimental block-based theme
  • Integrated with Gutenberg plugin
  • User-friendly features
  • Attractive block template
  • Built upon the theme.json style system


Armando FSE WordPress Theme

Likewise, Armando is an experimental full-site editing theme. It is specially designed for blogs or sports websites. It supports Gutenberg version 10.6 or newer. Here, you will get multiple block styles and block patterns like site headers, site footers, and page layouts. For now, this WordPress FSE theme is awaiting review for the WordPress theme directory. Not only that, Armando is built entirely out of blocks WordPress FSE themed is better for testing Full Site Editing.


  • Uses the latest Gutenberg features
  • Best for blogs and sports websites
  • Comes with multiple block pattern
  • Testing Full Site Editing
  • Easy to use and install


Hansen WordPress Theme

Hansen is a block-based WordPress FSE theme for full site editing. It comes with various block styles and patterns. You can use it wisely to make better customization. Since it is a block-based theme, everything on your site will be built with blocks. From page content to the entire site layout, everything is customized with blocks. So, show your creativity and design an attractive website header, footer, pages, posts, and more using the visual block editor.


  • Block-based theme
  • Powerful layout
  • Attractive block style and pattern
  • Flexible functionality
  • Attractive typography

TT1 Blocks

TT Blocks FSE Theme

Another amazing WordPress FSE theme on our list is TT1 Blocks. It is an experimental block-based version of the Twenty Twenty-One theme. The theme comes with flexible functionality which makes your site attractive and powerful. It is built to leverage the full-site editing functionality that is being built in the Gutenberg plugin. Moreover, TT1 Blocks comes with the Gutenberg plugin with which you can customize your website smoothly. Also, it is built with an SEO-friendly layout which means top SEO rank and huge traffic.


  • Based on Twenty Twenty-One theme
  • Full-site editing functionality 
  • Gutenberg compatibility
  • Responsive Layout
  • Customize your website smoothly

Block-Based Bosco

FSE Theme Block Bosco

Similarly, Block-Based Bosco is an attractive and powerful WordPress FSE theme. Despite being a new theme, it keeps the design and changes all the templating code to be compatible. It is relatively simple and easy to use. This block-based design holds up well for a simple personal blog. Also, you will get support for wide and full alignments. 


  • Compatible with the Full-Site Editing feature
  • Relatively simple
  • Custom background-color
  • Attractive typography
  • Custom link color to create an attractive blog


On a final note, full site editing(FSE)  themes are simple and easy-to-use themes. Since these are experimental themes, you might get some errors while dealing with them. But still, these will be useful in the coming days. Also, if you want to learn more about these FSE themes, simply contribute to the Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress theme. to learn more about FSE.

So, this concludes our review of the WordPress FSE theme. We hope you find some value in reading this article.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, then please feel free to comment below.

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