How to create a menu in WordPress from Page, Post, Categories, Tags and Custom Links?

WordPress is one of the best platforms to manage your webpage content easily. You can manage menus, page sections, and sidebar sections easily with a drag-and-drop interface. The drag and drop feature is properly implemented while managing menus as well. So, in this blog post, we are going to show you how to create a menu in WordPress from the page, post, categories, tags, and custom links.

Navigation menus are so important for visitors to navigate between the contents. In addition, it helps users to find the information and browse through the different sections. Since menus are so important in every website and are usually placed in the header and footer section.

Navigation menus are the core feature of WordPress and it comes with every theme. Every theme has at least one menu location and it may be more based on the theme and website requirements. If you are a developer, you can easily add more theme locations based on your need.

How to Create a Menu in WordPress?

Here we are going to show how we can create a menu in WordPress. We have already been told that it is the core feature, and it depends upon the theme. Here we assume a theme having at least one menu location available.

All the settings of menus can be found inside Appearance > Menus of the admin panel. You can check all the settings there.

Now let’s proceed to the section Appearance > Menus. See the below video to know more about the section and its settings. If you don’t like the video or need more textual information, skip the video and jump below.

In the Menus section, you will see create a new menu clickable section. Just click on that, give the name of the menu. For example, your menu name is Main Menu.

After then, click on Create Menu. Your menu is now created successfully. Now, you need to add the items to the menu. You can add the page, post, category, tags, and custom items on the menu from the left side.

After adding the items to the menu, you will see the checkbox below the items. Checkbox usually has a name like Primary Menu, Top Menu, Social Menu, etc. Select the location of the menu you want to display on your site. After that click on the Save menu to save the changes. You can see the below image as well.

If you are unknown about the menu location, you can visit the site after saving the menu. If the menu location is not suitable for you, you can uncheck the location checkbox and save it.

How to add Pages in WordPress Menu?

Adding items like pages on the menu of the WordPress website is easy. You can just go to the menus section, in the list of pages, you can select one or more pages and click on Add to Menu button to add it to the menu. Don’t forget to Save the menu after adding the pages items there. The below image will be helpful for you.

create a menu in WordPress

How to add Posts in WordPress Menu?

Similarly, like pages, you can add posts in the navigation menu easily. Select the posts you want to add to the menu and click on Add to Menu button and save it.

Like post and page, you can add categories and tags to the menu. You can check the above video to know more about adding categories and tags in the navigation menu.

Adding Custom Links to Your WordPress Menus

Adding custom links to the menu is slightly different than adding posts, pages, categories, and tags. You need to put a custom link and the name of the menu item before adding it to the menu.

create a menu in WordPress

A Custom link menu is usually used for adding a custom link on the menu, social profile link, and linking the menu to another site.

This type of menu is generally used while creating the social menu. You need to add the link to social media and the name of the menu and click on Add to Menu to add it. This is the simple and best method to put custom links in the menu.

How to rearrange the location of navigation menus items?

Because of the best user interface of WordPress menus, it’s very easy to rearrange the location of menus items within the menu. You can just drag and drop and reorder the menu items. After rearranging the items, don’t forget to save the menu.

How to Create Nested Drop-Down Menus in WordPress?

This method is the same as rearranging the location. A nested menu, also known as a drop-down menu allows you to add the structure on the menu with parent and child relationships. Usually, child menus are created to divide the parent content. For example, If your parent menu is WordPress Themes, its child menus name will be Free WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress Themes.

To make the nested menu, just drag the menu item where you want to put it and drag slightly towards the right side and drop it there. Your menu section will show how the nested menu will appear on the front end.

Note: Some themes don’t support multiple-level navigation or a drop-down menu. The level of menu hierarchy depends upon the theme codes. In case you need more level than the theme has, you must edit the code of the theme or you can contact the theme author for support.

Removing Menu Items From the WordPress Menu

WordPress menu is so much flexible. You can easily add items on the menu and remove items from the menu with a mouse click. You don’t need to write or edit code. When the menu items are not necessary and need to remove from the menu, you can simply remove them from the menu section.

Go to the menu section, select the menu item you want to remove. You will see the Remove button on the menu. Click on the remove button to remove it. Don’t worry, you can add that menu later if you really need it again.

How to Add Navigation Menus in Sidebars?

Navigation Menu WordPress widget is the best widget to show the menu items in the sidebar. You can go to Appearance > Widget and put the Navigation Menu widget in the available widget area. After adding the widget, you can select the menu from the drop-down option. Select the required menu to display on the sidebar.

Wrapping Up

Hope this blog post on how to create a menu in WordPress article helped you to understand about WordPress menu. You can also check our WordPress tutorial and video tutorials to learn WordPress.

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